Post Almost Anything Reputation Improvement Services (PAARIS)

Shocktober Sale Corporate Advocacy Program

Post Almost Anything Reputation Improvement Services (PAARIS) provide effective solutions for removing negative search engine results. PAARIS is available in three affordable Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages.

Formerly known as the No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Program (NLLCAP)

All NLLCAP members have been grandfathered into PAARIS.

Why You Need PAARIS!

Undesirable information can destroy your reputation instantly with negative reviews, comments, and images published online for all the world to find on Google, Yahoo, and Bing while searching for you. Every day people go online to research people, companies, products, and services to learn before they buy. Negative information always stands out more in search results because human nature makes it more noticeable Human nature makes it more noticeable because humans like most animals possess survival instincts that naturally cause them to keep an eye out for danger. That instinct is what makes people notice negative statements before positive ones and that instinct makes their minds give those statements more weight before they are even capable of evaluating them.

Due to the potential impact of negative online information you need PAARIS to help you help others avoid the chore of reading bad things about you because they can't help it. PAARIS can make all the difference between people clicking on links that convert to positives and clicking on juicy links that may alert them to danger.

Reputation Management Services

Bronze Package

The PAARIS Bronze Package is an introductory deal intended for individuals, businesses, non-profit groups, and government organizations that are serious about restoring their online reputations. It includes a Damage Assessment and Recovery Plan designed to help you identify negative information and target it for removal.

Learn More: Bronze Package Details

Silver Package

The PAARIS Silver Package offers a number of services designed to clean up undesirable information about you on the internet. They include all Bronze Package features plus Duplicate Content Removal, Personal Address & Phone Number Block, Search Engine Optimization, Partner Site Inclusion, and Syndicated Content Clean Up solutions.

ATTENTION! Page removals from niche search engines in our network are covered by PAARIS Silver. This will remove entire pages from those sites and search engines as part of our duplicate content and syndicated content clean up service. Visit our Partners Section to see which sites qualify.

Learn More: Silver Package Details

Gold Package

The PAARIS Gold Package is the total service package for removing undesirable information from search engines. The Gold Package includes all the good of lesser PAARIS packages plus Author Mediation with a Search Engine Block and Google Removal.

Learn More: Gold Package Details

Summary of Benefits

The Bronze Package helps you know what you are dealing with and what to do about it. The Silver Package helps you control and optimize what you are dealing with. The Gold Package helps you remove what you are dealing with.


Additional Information for Applicants and Members

Information about how to qualify, pricing, pitfalls, and the client agreement.

How to Qualify

You can qualify as a business, non-profit group, government organization, or individual. Although all membership types share common characteristics each one has its own unique features. Learn More: PAARIS Membership Types

Price Rates and Policies

PAARIS has two types of prices starting out with Package Prices and ending with Service Charges. Package Prices apply equally to everyone enrolling in the program while Service Charges may be applied to Medium and High Risk clients.
Current Prices
$199.99 PAARIS Bronze Package
$249.99 PAARIS Silver Package
$349.99 PAARIS Gold Package
Learn More: Price Rates and Policies


PAARIS is not perfect, so we want you to know what it can and cannot do. To do this we brainstormed possible drawbacks to each feature. Learn More: PAARIS Pitfalls

PAARIS Client Agreement

A basic agreement that PAARIS applicants agree to when applying to the program. Learn More: PAARIS Client Agreement

Do Not Waste Money on Incompetent Competitors!

Most PAARIS partner websites have programs in place that almost always thwart search engine removals by entities not affiliated with them. Reputation management companies and attorneys will promise you results without telling you that the best results they could hope to achieve are almost always temporary at best. They are usually under the impression that strongly worded legal requests and orders from courts not of competent jurisdiction will provide you with the results you seek. That is almost never true. They may obtain temporary results in the form of search engine removals on rare occasions, but such removals are easily detected. All a website must do to assure the presence of their content on search engines is change the URLs and that can be done on a regular basis using automated scripts. Many lawyers and reputation management companies are not aware that they are almost always incapable of offering competing services. You can try using other means to obtain the results you desire, but you will probably waste money by having to constantly employ those people to repeat themselves forever.

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