PAARIS Price Rates and Policies

PAARIS has two types of prices starting out with Package Prices and ending with Service Charges. Package Prices apply equally to everyone enrolling in the program while Service Charges may be applied to Medium and High Risk clients.

Standard Package Prices

Package Prices are based on the value of benefits available in conjunction with actual costs, opportunity costs, and demand variables. Actual costs include the allocation of basic human resources and expertise necessary to provide services. Opportunity costs include lost advertising revenue for advanced packages and income that otherwise could be gained from other activities across the board. Demand is the most unpredictable variable likely to have the most impact of future prices to keep it compatible with our ability to supply services.

$399.99 Bronze Package (Normally $399.99): This price exists to establish trust with the client so that we know they are serious about optimizing their reputation, assure us proper compensation for thorough analysis, and covers any additional coaching needed to help customers make the most of their Recovery Plan.

$499.99 Silver Package (Normally $499.99): This price exists to cover the costs of adding personal data to the blacklist in the database, designing custom replacement page title & meta description tags, implementing the program across multiple sites, and tracking down syndicated content for cleanup. It also covers opportunity costs associated with lower traffic and advertising revenue levels resulting from the intentional reduction of click bait on search engines.

$699.99 Gold Package (Normally $699.99): This price exists to cover the costs of author mediation which can be an intense process depending on the author. In some cases authors can be quite demanding, especially if they back up their views with large quantities of text. It also covers opportunity costs associated with advertising revenue lost by blocking traffic generators from search engines.

Supply and Demand

The prices above may increase or decrease at any time depending on demand for services and our ability to supply them. In periods of low demand we may lower prices to increase demand and in periods of high demand we may increase prices to lower demand to manageable levels. Neither increases nor decreases will impact Package Prices for existing customers.

Additional Policies for Package Prices

PAARIS has two additional policies for Package Prices. They involve the freezing for rates for existing customers that both protect current customers from Package Price increases while making them ineligible for future discounts.

Day of Application Price Freeze Policy for Package Prices

Standard Package Prices are frozen for clients upon application to the program as long as their application is approved and a package is purchased within 30 days of the day they are approved. This means that if you buy a Bronze or Silver Package at one price the cost to upgrade from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold will always be the same for you regardless of what it may cost others down the road to join the program. For instance if you purchase a Bronze today for $319.99 (full price) and the price of a Silver increases to $699.99 (full price) next year you can still upgrade for just $240 because the price of a Silver was $559.99 (full price) when you enrolled in the program. This applies to promotions as well, so if you buy a package on sale you can upgrade after the sale ends at sale prices as long as you purchase a package within 30 days of being approved. The 30 day buffer is in effect to assure that prospective members are not denied the opportunity to take advantage of a sale due to any delays processing their application, but it also exists to discourage potential clients from applying during a sale with no intention of making a purchase during the near future.

Existing Customers Prohibited from Future Discounts

Standard Package Prices are frozen for clients upon application to the program as long as their application is approved and a package is purchased within 30 days of the day they are approved. This means that if you buy a Bronze or Silver Package at one price the cost to upgrade from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold will always be the same for you regardless of what it may cost others down the road to join the program. For instance if you purchase a Silver Package today for $699.99 and notice a 30% off sale down the road it will not make you eligible for a free Gold Package upgrade just because the sale price of a Gold equals what you paid in the past for a Silver.

Summary of Package Price Policies

PAARIS's combination of multiple service levels assures it a healthy variety of quality services for clients to choose from. The price freezing policies assure customers that they will always get what they paid for and gives them the freedom to evaluate their packages as long as they like without feeling any price related pressures to upgrade. The only unpredictable variable is demand which we will do our best to meet without raising prices to reduce it.

Service Charges and Benefits

PAARIS is designed primarily to suit the needs of small businesses by default and although capable of servicing larger companies doing so may create a strain on our resources, so we have created a Client Classification System (CCS) to determine future service rates for companies and individuals. The system categorizes clients as low, medium, and high risk based on a number of factors.

Client Classification System (CCS)

Every client starts out fresh with a risk rating of low, but that could be bumped up to medium or high as early as the Recovery Plan phase of the program. To determine risk we analyze a number of factors including content quantity, reliability, and frequency of publication for both on site and off site content. Off site content used to justify a classification increase may include things such as complaints on consumer advocacy websites, stories in the news media, and other accusations of wrongdoing relative to the overall size of the client.

Low Risk Clients

The default risk of all new clients is low and with low risk comes no service charges. This means that customer can elect to use their Silver and Gold Packages on any posts made about them down the road at no extra cost.

Low Risk Individual Example

The average Joe is the perfect example of a low risk individual. He may have one, two, or a few negative things written about him online, but typically never worried about his online reputation much until recently. By signing up for PAARIS Gold Package average Joe can learn how to build his online presence to compete with negative information and remove problem pages from search engines. If anyone screws with him down the road he can use his Gold Package to manage them.

Low Risk Business, Non-Profit Group, or Government Organization Example

The average mom and pop store that never had a single negative review of their business until some incident grandpa can’t remember shows up online accusing him of driving while senile and hitting a customer’s vehicle while parked in the lot before going about his day like nothing was wrong. The grandma buys a PAARIS Gold Package to suppress the damage until it a couple years later he hits another parked car and she uses her Gold Package once again to suppress the story quickly while freeing up time to mobilize family members for an intervention that convinces grandpa to give up his keys finally.

Medium Risk Clients

Clients may be classified as medium risk if a high number of unique complaints made about them consistently over time or their notoriety is such that they are known to be at the center of debates regularly. Typical medium risk clients may include local public figures such as local celebrities or government officials, but may also include businesses well known in some city, state, territory, or other local region.

Hypothetical Medium Risk Individual Example

The anchorlady at your local news station who thought it was a good idea to condemn a website while urging viewers to sue the pants off its owner only to find her Google image results dominated by an unbecoming screenshot capturing the disgusted look on her face and making her look fat kind of like one might imagine the look on Kirstie Alley’s face if someone ripped a donut out of her mouth. After several months not even the addition of countless competing images have been able to knock the work of a search engine marketer whose skills and talents rival our own all because he realized that with less than five pictures of her in her image results he could easily become an authority on her image by adding an optimized post to his website. Sick of seeing her image drive traffic to the despised site she buys a Gold Package and is so pleased with the results that she agrees to plug his new site in exchange for an undisclosed discount. She keeps her word, but it backfires when furious viewers post rant after rant about her on PostAlmostAnything.com calling her a tool and a sellout, so she uses her Gold Package to suppress those complaints and live happily ever after. Unfortunately for her new authors start using PostAlmostAnything.com as the venue of choice to gripe about her in ways completely irrelevant and separate from the original incident, so she is upgraded to medium risk and gets to choose between incidental or monthly service charges for kicking her critics off of search engines.

Hypothetical Medium Risk Business, Non-Profit Group, or Government Organization Example

No stranger to public criticism, a police chief in a town considered small by most but big enough that nobody knows everybody finds out that the ex-wife of one of his officers went crazy and started publishing dirty secrets about married men on the force containing their personal residential addresses as proof that they cheated on their wives with her. The chief realizes that those addresses could be dangerous in the hands of a revenge seeking ex-con, but recognizes the right of the public to criticize the actions of his officers, so he purchases a Silver Package to block their addresses from public view and create more favorable search engine snippets. Over time the chief uses his Silver Package to optimize search snippets for all kinds of rants about his department no matter how petty (ex: jaywalking) and is upgraded to a medium risk client due to the volume of unique incidents.

High Risk Clients

High risk clients have a significant likelihood of finding themselves on the receiving end of legitimate unique complaints at high volumes over time most likely due to fame or notoriety. Famous people known on a national or international scale such as movie stars, heads of state, and pundits will typically fall into this category along with national or multinational corporations that have been the subject of negative publicity in the main stream news media many times.

Hypothetical High Risk Individual Example

An "it girl" and socialite discovers an abundance of negative sentiment about her posted in Celebrity Rants and Raves by people sick of seeing her flaunt her money, men, drugs, and other problems on their televisions year after year. Following a drug bust her publicist needs to re-invent her image in time to impress the judge with all the changes she has made in her life, so the publicist wants all the juicy details filled rants about her removed from major search engines as soon as possible. The publicist buys a PAARIS Gold Package to block all rants and it works, but due to the subject’s notoriety the client is informed that they have been classified as a high risk client and will be assessed a service charge for additional use of the service.

Hypothetical High Risk Business, Non-Profit Group, or Government Organization Example

An international fast food giant known for burgers that do more to your waistline than for your taste buds discovers that several franchises have seen a drop in sales. Upon further review the company noticed a relationship between the sales decline and rants about the franchises ranging from minor issues like having to wait in line too long and food being cold to serious things like food poisoning and hiring illegal aliens. Recognizing a PAARIS Gold Package as just a drop in the bucket compared to the possibility of future sales losses the fast food king buy one and scores a real bargain given the volume of unique gripes, but is classified as high risk for all future use because had a high volume of onsite complaints, lots of gripes published online elsewhere, and numerous negative news stories.


PAARIS offers bargained priced solutions fit to satisfy the needs of low risk clients at all levels for one easy payment, expandable to fit the needs of medium risk clients with minor service charges, and capable of fitting the needs of high risk clients at affordable rates.