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Promote your business online by driving PostAlmostAnything.com users to your website with banner and text advertising.

Advertising Options

Most advertising on this site is done through the classified ad service and ad networks, but direct sponsorship and other options are also on the table.

Classified Ads

The easiest way to advertise on PostAlmostAnything.com is by placing a classified ad for any good or service you have to offer. All ads are permanent placements so you won't have to worry about renewing your ad. This allows you to use your placement to build your web presence as long as you'd like.

PostAlmostAnything.com is more than a classified ad site. It is also an online shopping site and a directory. All ads can be discovered through category specific browsing regardless of location. For instance the Shopping Section allows people to shop for products based on what they are just like almost any online shopping site. When you create any type of posting your profile gets created listing your items, comments, reviews, likes, images, etc. as well as a way to send you a direct message through the PostAlmostAnything.com system.

Ad Networks

This site features banner, inline text, and native advetisements placed automatically by advertising networks. Those networks use anything from the text on a page to the search history of the user to decide which ads are most relevant. Advertising through any one of those networks can be an easy way to know that your ad might be advertised on this site. We will update this section with more information in the future to better help you decide if you want to use an ad network. Ad networks usually bill on a cost per click (CPC) cost per impression (CPM) basis.

Direct Sponsorship

We do not have a system in place for placing banner ads directly on the site through direct sponsorship, but if we are open to adding such capabilities if you really want to buy a banner ad on this site. To pitch a proposal Contact Us.


If there is some other way that you would like to advertise on this site we are open to suggestions so feel free to contact us.