PAARIS Silver Package

The PAARIS Silver Package offers a number of services designed to clean up undesirable information about you on the internet. They include all Bronze Package features plus Duplicate Content Removal, Personal Address & Phone Number Block, Search Engine Optimization, Partner Site Inclusion, and Syndicated Content Clean Up solutions.

ATTENTION! Page removals from niche search engines in our network are covered by PAARIS Silver. This will remove entire pages from those sites and search engines as part of our duplicate content and syndicated content clean up service. Visit our Partners Section to see which sites qualify.

Duplicate Content Removal

Duplicate content exists when identical or significantly similar content exists at multiple URLs. If pages about you contain duplicate content then we will identify the original work and remove the duplicates.

Personal Addresss and Phone Block

If your personal non-business address or phone number has been posted, we can block it from rendering on pages for you. This service applies to any phone number or address that is not listed elsewhere on the internet as contact information for a business, non-profit group, or government organization.

Search Engine Optimization

We will create custom page titles and meta description tags to fit your liking. These tags will render in the head section of the page and will not be visible to end users unless they are looking at the source code, but the new page titles will show up in browsers and will become the default page title when bookmarking the page. These tags will be optimized specifically to give you a positive page title and snippet in search results for targeted search terms.

PAARIS Silver Package Demo Results

To demonstrate the effect you can expect to see from tag optimization we conducted a live demo to collect before and after screenshots of tag optimization in action.

Silver Package Demo Before

This first image below shows snippets from the demo itself on Google for the search term "silver package demo" as they were on December 7th, 2011. Here you can see that the page title clearly produces the snippet title "No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Silver Package Demo" and the meta description clearly produces the snippet description "This post is a live demonstration of the No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Program’s Silver Package. This test has two phases that will test out…".

Silver Package Before

Once this result was indexed we took a screenshot and applied the PAARIS Silver Package SEO service. The SEO service created the new page title " NLLCAP Silver Package Demo: Corporate Advocacy in Action" and the new meta description tag "The NLLCAP Silver Package Demo is corporate advocacy in live action showing you how optimization can improve the online image of your business".

Silver Package Demo After

After waiting a few days Google re-visited the page and change its cached results. You can see the new optimized results in the image below.

Silver Package After

In the image above you can clearly see that the snippet title is identical to the new optimized title tag and the snippet description is nearly identical to the new meta description. The snippet description "Nov 29, 2011 – The NLLCAP Silver Package Demo is corporate advocacy in live action showing you how optimization can improve the online image of your …" is truncated because Google decided to include the date the page was published and Google truncates snippets at about 150 characters give or take 5 characters, so the word "business" was cut off.

What Does This Mean for You?

One important thing to note about the demo is that we selected a search term we knew would result in easy to use screenshots for presentation purposes and as part of that we created tags we knew would maintain the position of that page in search results. In this case we replaced a neutral result with a more positive one while keeping the new result relevant to the original. If this were a negative result for your business we could do the same thing as long the new positive result maintains a similar level of relevancy.

Hypothetical Scenario

Imagine what it would be like to be a doctor only to find your online reputation deterring future patients all because an innocent mistake you made ended up on the internet became negative review in Business Rants and Raves. At first you notice a decline in new customers, but you don't know why. Then you Google yourself and see a negative result that makes you look awful.

Hypothetical Negative Search Result

Snippet Title: Troy/McNamara - Gross Negligence and Medical Malpractice

Snippet Description: Dr. Christian McNamara gave me a tummy tuck, left his scissors inside me, and I got tackled by airport security after setting off the metal detector.

Snippet Analysis

Obviously you wouldn't want juicy click bait like that dominating your Google results now would you? As a PAARIS Silver Package client we would turn that type of negative into a positive for you.

Hypothetical Positive Search Result

Snippet Title: Troy/McNamara – Plastic Surgeons Give Back to Their Patients

Snippet Description: Dr. Christian McNamara set his talents aside and showed off his generous side when giving expensive medical equipment to a patient in need.

Snippet Analysis

As you can clearly see the optimized tags accurately re-phrase the incident described in the original tags without decreasing relevancy. If this were a real scenario the old search result would most likely be replaced with our more postive sounding search result for Troy/McNamara.

Silver Package SEO Re-Cap

The live demo shows that the PAARIS Silver Package SEO service can improve snippet sentiment on search engines. We are confident that Silver Package SEO services will improve your search result.Learn more: PAARIS Silver Package Demo .

Partner Sites Included

PAARIS covers several websites in addition to PostAlmostAnything.com and you can apply your PAARIS membership to those sites. To determine if a site is part of PAARIS read their policies for content removal and look for material promoting PAARIS. This is really more of a policy than a feature because it exists to assure you that no additional membership will be required to use PAARIS on those sites.

Syndicated Content Clean Up

PostAlmostAnything.com and other PAARIS sites make their content available for syndication using RSS feeds. Some of those feeds are consumed by a third party service that posts content to social networking sites automatically. In some cases sites in the PAARIS program may use feed syndication to automatically add content to other domain names as well. We will remove syndicated content about you that we can locate on pages controlled by PAARIS sites.


The PAARIS Silver Package is ideal for anyone looking to reduce the amount of undesirable content about them on the internet and improve the sentiment of their search results. We are confident that Silver Package clients will find their search results cleaner and easier to manage.

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