Gold Package

The PAARIS Gold Package is the total service package for removing undesirable information from search engines. The Gold Package includes all the good of lesser PAARIS packages plus Author Mediation with a Search Engine Block and Google Removal.

Author Mediation

When total content removal is a must Author Mediation can be your golden ticket because unless found in violation of site policies on PostAlmostAnything.com or a site in the PAARIS network if the work is published there. That is because we do not censor users in good standing, but we will attempt to contact them on your behalf to see if we can persuade them to remove their work or at the very least edit the work in a more positive manner. We will attempt to contact the author twice and if they respond we will talk to them on your behalf. If the author is a PostAlmostAnything.com member we will attempt to contact them using the private messaging system first and email them directly at the email addressed they used to create the account second. In the case of PAARIS partner sites we will follow their general directions for contacting authors using features on partner sites themselves because all partner sites have ways to contact authors. We cannot guarantee a positive result from Author Mediation, but we will give our best effort to resolve the matter to your benefit.

Search Engine Block

We will add no-index meta tags to works pertaining to you or your business including pages where such works primarily reside and tag archives if those tags are unique enough to be about you specifically. For instance Dr. Conrad Murray could buy a search engine block for the page titled "Dr. Conrad Murray's Sentence is Well Deserved" and others like it as well as the tag archive for "Dr. Conrad Murray" , but he would not be able to block the tag archive for "Michael Jackson" or the AntiCrimeDog user activity stream even though both archives contain links to rants about Dr. Murray.

Google Removal

We will use our Google Webmaster Tools account to remove pages from Google after no-index meta tags have been applied. This will effectively remove those pages from Google for 90 days and the no-index meta tags will prevent them from ever being indexed again.

PAARIS Gold Package Search Engine Block Demo Results

To demonstrate the effect you can expect to see from a Search Engine Block and Google Removal we conducted a live demo to collect before and after screenshots of search engine removal in action.

Gold Package Search Engine Block Demo Before

The first image below shows snippets from the demo itself on Google for the search term "Gold Package Demo" before no-index meta tags were added. Here you can see that the demo page was a top 3 result for that search term.

Gold Package Search Block Before

To remove the above result from Google we applied a no-index meta tag and followed it up with a page removal request. The page removal request made the inevitable happen even faster.

Gold Package Search Engine Block Demo After

After a couple of days Google processed our removal request and the page was no longer dominating search results for the query. This was due to the no-index meta tag blocking the page from search engines.

Gold Package Search Block After

In the image above you can clearly see that the search result is gone from the top 3. What you can’t tell conclusively from that screenshot is that the page is gone from Google entirely.

PAARIS Gold Package Google Removal Demo Results

To show that the page was in fact completely removed from Google and is still gone we decided to add two more screenshots to this page. Both screenshots are from Google searches for the demo URL specifically.

Gold Package Google Removal Demo Before

In the image below we did a URL specific Google search for the demo page. As you can see the page was in Google’s index at one time.

Gold Package Google Removal Before

Gold Package Google Removal Demo After

To remove the page a no-index meta tag was added and we submitted a URL removal request to Google.

Gold Package Google Removal After

In the image above you can clearly see that the URL has been removed from Google entirely. As a result the page does not appear in any searches.

Gold Package Search Engine Block and Google Removal Re-Cap

The live demo proves that the PAARIS Gold Package Search Engine Block and Google Removal services remove pages from search engines forever. They make the Gold Package ideal for search engine reputation improvement. Learn more: PAARIS Gold Package Demo .


The PAARIS Gold Package is the gold standard in search engine reputation management for all participating websites thanks to Search Engine Blocking and Google Removal services that really make a difference. When combined with effective Author Mediation the PAARIS Gold Package could cure all your search engine reputation ills.

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