PAARIS Pitfalls

The PAARIS is not perfect, so we want you to know what it can and cannot do. To do this we have compiled a list of General Pitfalls, Bronze Package Pitfalls, Silver Package Pitfalls, and Gold Package Pitfalls in which we tried to brainstorm everything we think could possibly be a drawback to each feature.

General Pitfalls

Bronze Package Pitfalls

The Bronze Package does not do anything to improve your search results from this website or any partner sites. It offers an analysis of your online reputation as far as search engines are concerned and advice to help you compete with those results.

The Damage Assessment focuses primarily on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engine results pages (SERPs) on the day it is completed. SERPs change often and can render even the most accurate of Damage Assessments inaccurate in just a matter of hours. It also focuses on your top 40 results because they are the most important even though results 41 plus could contain an unknown amount of negative information.

The Recovery Plan is designed to help you compete for your name with your own online assets. The more assets you have and the better you know how to use them the less useful your Recovery Plan will be. On the other hand the fewer assets you have and the less you know how to use them the more valuable it will be, but you might have to invest your own time and money into building your own assets before you can compete for yourself.

Silver Package Pitfalls

The Silver Package is designed primarily to improve your search results by optimizing information on PostAlmostAnything.com and partner sites. It does not remove original works from search engines.

The Duplicate Content Removal service only covers copies of original works duplicated across sites in the PAARIS network. It does not remove the original work that has been duplicated.

The Address and Phone Number Block service only covers residential addresses and personal phone numbers. It does not cover phone numbers and addresses listed as official contact information for businesses, non-profit groups, or government organizations available elsewhere on the internet because that type of information is useful when trying to distinguish one franchise, branch, or office from another.

Silver Package SEO services are designed to create more positive snippets on search engines that users are less likely to click on. They do this by creating optimized title and meta description tags. These services are not designed to reduce the ranking of content from PostAlmostAnything.com or any partner site on search engines. These services cannot be applied to pages for which questionable content exists in comments only, the content must exist in the title or body of the page above comment boards.

The Partner Sites Included service primarily exists to make it clear for customers that signing up for PAARIS to optimize content on one site in the network covers all other sites in the network as well. It does not offer any additional value beyond that assurance.

The Syndicated Content Clean Up service only covers syndicated content that we have the ability to clean up such as automated posts made on social networking pages or automated information aggregators of ours. Content syndicated by third parties is not covered, so if other people Tweet a link, share something on Facebook, make a blog post, or otherwise copy content about you we can’t remove it for you.

Gold Package Pitfalls

The Gold Package offers the best option for fast search engine reputation management solutions, but it is not necessarily ideal for everyone. The system is designed for those that both need to bury an undesirable result fast and are capable of filling the void with positive information.

The potential payoff of Author Mediation services could make it better than all other PAARIS services, but there are a number of dangers to consider before purchase. We cannot guarantee that the author will remove their work or edit it for the better. In some cases the use of Author Mediation could anger the author resulting in negative updates to their work or the creation of new works that may or may not be published on sites in the PAARIS network. This is why we ask people applying for Gold Packages to indicate whether or not they want Author Mediation.

The Search Engine Block is just that, a search engine block using no-index meta tags that prevent search engines that honor the no-index meta tag such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines from including pages in their indexes. Once a page is blocked search engines will not remove the result right away because their bots will need to re-visit the page to confirm the presence of the no-index tag before removing the pages.

Google Removal uses Webmaster Tools accounts responsible for administering PostAlmostAnything.com and partner sites to submit live page removal requests. These requests will remove pages from Google and the no-index tag will prevent them from every showing up on Google again, but the process does not work right away. At times page removal requests can find themselves stuck in pending status for 48 to 72 hours or more.

The Search Engine Block and Google Removal services can only be used on individual pages used to display one record or tag archives directly relevant to a client (ex: http://example.com/tag/yourname). As a result you could find results from PostAlmostAnything.com or any partner website in your search results due to general archive pages that list the most recent additions to various of sections, categories, sub categories, countries, territories, and cities as well as user activity streams (ex: https://postalmostanything.com/@PostAlmostAnything.com). General archive pages typically don’t contain any highly relevant keywords in page titles or meta descriptions as far as names of specific businesses, non-profit groups, government organizations, and individuals are concerned, so they don’t rank nearly as high as pages containing client names in their titles which should make it much easier for clients to outrank them. These services cannot be applied to pages for which questionable content exists in comments only, the content must exist in the title or body of the page above comment boards.


PAARIS is not perfect, but it is still a very good program offering value at all levels. The Gold Package pitfalls for the Search Engine Block and Google Removal services is why this program was designed primarily for businesses, non-profit groups, and government organizations because they typically are already capable of easily burying general archive pages under more relevant results about themselves than individuals are.

We strongly recommend that individuals look at the Borislav Ugemunde Case Study before purchasing a Silver or Gold Package. This is a live and ongoing study currently taking place online to demonstrate what could happen to an individual on Google if they never had an online presence before finding their name in the title of a rant on PostAlmostAnything.com. As of 12/27/2011 Borislav Ugemunde went from not having a single Google result 11 days ago to having a page full of content from PostAlmostAnything.com, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, and some random website that automatically aggregates Tweets containing the name Borislav. Most of his results could be cleared up and made better with a Silver Package, but even if he bought a Gold Package and new content drove archive pages off of Google for his name he would still need to follow his Bronze Package Recovery Plan to gain control of his search results.