Borislav Ugemunde Never Existed on the Internet Before

Posted on 12/16/2011

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Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Europe

In the eyes of Google Borislav Ugemunde never existed on the internet until now and that makes him a perfect example to use when advising potential No Limit List Corporate Advocacy Program (NLLCAP) members of possible program pitfalls. NLLCAP is a reputation management service designed for businesses and open to regular people as well, but some people like Borislav here may not benefit from the advanced (Silver and Gold) packages because in rare cases we might not be able to optimize or eliminate enough data pertaining to people on this site to significantly improve their search results.

Borislav Ugemunde represents a worst case scenario so bad that if he were a real person we would never start him off with an advanced NLLCAP package because he has no competing results capable of outranking less relevant results from this site on the first page of Google. We know this because current Google searches for him turn up nothing except a "Your search - Borislav Ugemunde - did not match any documents" message which means that Google does not know of any web pages containing the string "Borislav Ugemunde" anywhere. After publishing this article that will change and this article will be number one on Google for his name with supplemental results being made up of less relevant links like his topic tag archive (http://nolimitlist.com/topic/borislav-ugemunde) and syndicated content (ex: Twitter and Facebook) that advanced packages can remove, but the results may also feature content not covered by advanced packages such as content copied by unaffiliated websites, our user activity stream (http://nolimitlist.com/user/NoLimitList.com), and some archive pages on this site. Those archives include the following category and geographic tag archives:

Relationship Rants & Raves: http://nolimitlist.com/rantrave/relationships

Random Dude Sightings: http://nolimitlist.com/rantrave/relationships/random-dudes

Rant & Rave Europe: http://nolimitlist.com/rantrave/europe-10

Rant & Rave Russia: http://nolimitlist.com/rantrave/europe-10/russia-208

Rant & Rave Krasnoyarsk: http://nolimitlist.com/rantrave/europe-10/russia-208/krasnoyarsk-1557

In each category and tag archive results will remain on Google even if this page and his topic tag archive are blocked. If left unblocked (as they are now) those archives will never outrank this page or the topic tag archive on Google because Borislav Ugemunde cannot be found in the page titles or meta descriptions of those archive pages. In poor Borislav's case his complete lack of a web presence nearly assures those archives a solid position in his top 10 and would most likely take over his number one result if this page were blocked along with his topic tag archive unless buried by new on site content or off site competition.

New on site content is capable of burying the archives because only the top 10 results from those archives are indexable at any given time due to the use of ASP.Net GridView controls. The ASP.Net GridView uses client side code called JavaScript that search engines cannot follow for all paging and sorting operations, so once Relationships Rants & Raves, Random Dude Sightings, Rant & Rave Europe, Rant & Rave Russia, and Rant & Rave Krasnoyarsk get 10 new posts a piece Borislav Ugemunde won't show up on any of those pages.

Off site competition is capable of burying the archives if it is determined to be more relevant, more reliable, or more popular. This is where the introductory NLLCAP package comes in because it will analyse your current assets and advise you on how to build content capable of competing with this page as well as archives. In Borislav's case we would sell him an introductory package first and credit the cost of that package towards any future upgrades once he takes the necessary steps outlined in his Recovery Plan to make an advanced package worth buying because by then Borislav should be in a strong enough position to compete for his name with or without an advanced package, but this page and his topic tag archive may still have a dominating presence he would like blocked from search engines. This is why NLLCAP is designed primarily for businesses because a business is more likely to have a strong enough off-site web presence to easily outrank archives and in the cases of first page results have the most to gain from suppressing negative information because over 90% of users don't venture beyond page 1 for any given query.


Remember that this is a hypothetical scenario designed solely for the purpose of showing potential NLLCAP customers a worst case scenario in search engine results related to this website. The average person has a much stronger web presence than Borislav Ugemunde and would most likely be more capable of competing on their own than he is.

DISCLAIMER: Borislav Ugemunde is a fictional character that is not based on any real person. His photograph was created online using image merging software inspired by the "If They Mated" comedy routine from Late Night with Conan O'Brien using pictures of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. If Borislav Ugemunde were in fact a real person he would most likely be a former Communist Party member with a smoking habit fathered by an African immigrant and raised by a Russian mother carrying what appears to be a valid Soviet birth certificate, but many suspect him of being born elsewhere.

UPDATE 12/28/2011 - It appears our initial fears of seeing search results for Borislav from some geographic tag archives and the Random Dude Sightings archive were overstated at that time probably because Google processed the canonical link tags better than expected. The canonical link tag specifies the preferred URL for Google to include in its index. Most search pages on No Limit List are programmed to require 2 or more items in order to receive their own canonical URL and since Borislav is the only item for Krasnoyarsk, Random Dudes, and the Borislav Ugemunde topic tag archive those don't show up for him.

UPDATE 2/29/2012: Due to an increase in Random Dude Sightings that tag archive is now part of Borislav's search results.

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