PAARIS Bronze Package

The PAARIS Bronze Package is an introductory deal intended for individuals, businesses, non-profit groups, and government organizations that are serious about restoring their online reputations. It includes a Damage Assessment and Recovery Plan designed to help you identify negative information and target it for removal.

Damage Assessment

The PAARIS Damage Assessment looks at your top 40 (first 4 pages) of results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to determine your search engine reputation by identifying content from sites in the PAARIS network as well as negative content about you from other sources. The end result is a document prepared for you identifying negative results in your top 40 and specifying which results we can help you with.

Recovery Plan

The Recovery Plan looks at your Damage Assessment and online assets you list on your PAARIS application form to create a plan of action for you to follow in order to improve your search results. If your assets are few, weak, or non-existent your Recovery Plan will focus primarily on how you can improve your online presence by creating new assets and strengthening weak assets. If your assets are many and strong your Recovery Plan will focus on primarily on how Silver or Gold Packages can work for you as well as advice for how to make your already strong online presence even stronger.


The PAARIS Bronze Package is an introductory deal that stands on its own as a collection of useful services capable of helping any individual, business, non-profit group, or government organization take their first step down the path to reputation improvement by admitting that they are powerless over their search results and their reputations have become unmanageable. Purchasing a Bronze Package is the best way for you to send a signal that you are serious about improving your online reputation and willing to accept help from us as part of your recovery.

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