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Well he is a Michael Jackson impersonator, isn’t he? What do you expect? MJ liked the kids too.

I don’t know what it is about some of these YouTubers and other viral posters, but when they get a little bit of attention from strangers, they think they are full-on Hollywood celebrities. Another video-making guy “who went after minors” was Bryan Silva. He claims to be straight, but was in gay porn, under the name, “Max Payne”. Bryan Silva became a Vine celebrity, years ago. He got busted by the cops for holding his 17 year old girlfriend hostage at his house. He also texted even younger minors, just like this creep did. Silva once harassed this 14 year old girl, asking her to show him her butthole. These guys are child molesting pigs and they need to be exposed. ;

Over the years, I have seen many posts by a woman going on and on, talking about this pharmacist (or pharmacy employee). And if someone commented, saying something she didn’t like, she would quickly comment back, saying that she did not approve of the bad language and would start acting holier than thou. So, the “religious nut” part sounds accurate.

This woman wrote blogs and essays about this man. And it wasn’t just on cheater websites, but on regular social media websites too. You could tell it was a bitter woman writing. She sat on these cheater sites, making them her home, for like the past several years.

A person doesn’t have to know you intimately to post negative vitriol about you. People don’t even have to make up stuff. If they work around you long enough (or hang around with you long enough), they’ll know all your habits; good and bad. Plus they’ll hear stuff too.;

Ugh, she looks evil. Just for someone to publicly expose a client (or somebody else’s) client like this, is unacceptable. Clients do not only pay for the service, but they also pay for the privacy, as well.;