Ripoff Carpenter - Roy B. Hill - Oxford, PA
Ripoff Carpenter - Roy B. Hill - Oxford, PA

Roy B. Hill (Ripoff Carpenter)

Posted on 06/27/2024

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Roy Hill from Oxford, Pennsylvania is another one of these unlicensed, under-the-table carpenters who doesn’t pay taxes and rips people off. He lives an everyday lie, which covers up his bad habits. Roy tells people that he works seven days a week. He may leave his house seven days a week, but he doesn’t go to work. Most of the mornings, Roy loiters at diners and convenience store parking lots, because he is a chain smoker, coffee addict, and a gossip-monger. This one local family restaurant finally got fed up with his BS. Over time, Roy wore out his welcome and was kicked out. The restaurant staff had also done away with their unlimited drink refills, because of him. They got tired of Roy loitering, drinking pot after pot of coffee everyday, and only paying for one cup.

One of the reasons why Roy is so cheap is because he has no money. He has no money, because he has a bad gambling addiction. He sucks at gambling, for he always loses. One time, Roy got so mad at losing his money that he punched the slot machine, which shattered the glass and cut his hand all up. Fortunate for him, he got out of the casino in time, before security had caught up with him.

Roy gets his customers to pay him half the money up-front for any housing repairs and for other odd jobs, and then he runs off to Delaware Park with that money, where he throws it all away, stuffing it into slot machines.

If your house needs repairs, you’re better off finding someone else. Don’t go cheap. Hire someone who has a business license, or check around to see who has a good reputation. Most of all, get someone who says they will be there and will get the job done. Roy will only take your money away and will procrastinate in getting the job completed. With Roy, a two week job may take two months. He will avoid your phone calls, until he is ready to deal with you. Don’t waste your time! Don’t let this old fart rip you off and gamble your money away! You can find better.

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