My psycho stalker # 3 Mistress Isadora Stephanie.
My psycho stalker # 3 Mistress Isadora Stephanie.

Darren Ambler exposing another stalker - Mistress isadora

Posted on 05/18/2022

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2400 East York st Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I, Darren Ambler, am one of many unfortunate victims of philadelphia Mistress Isadora AKA

Stephanie Aman AKA Lil Steph. I have exposed a couple of her co conspirators in the past year, now I can focus on her even more now because thanks to her (and her pals) I am unemployed once again

Stripper and prostitute Stephanie Aman has done a massive list of atrocious things to numerous women in her industry and also innocent men like myself too. Her lies, slander, manipulation and psychotic treachery knows no bounds. Perhaps the alleged meth addiction talk is true, who knows? Either way, it's best to avoid this person at all costs. I get into much more detail in one of my blogs regarding not only what she's done to me, but also

What her and her criminal co-conspirators have done to many other people.

I implore you to read this. Please ready side


I can also be reached by email.

Darren Ambler



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Posted on 06/02/2022

My name is Mindy Murray Im a former retired Dominatrix and I am also a victim of Giunta & Stephanie Aman and I can confirm that what Mr. Ambler here is saying is true. He has asked me to speak out. Mr Ambler reached out to me about a year ago to find out who was screwing with all of us. If you search you can clearly see that they also slandered me online too along with my friends associating me with Darren here who I have never met either. None of us ever met this guy. Ever. I am living, breathing walking proof that these malicious girls lie through their teeth and much much more. Neither me, or any of my friends did anything they falsely wrongly accused us of doing. Darren put it best- they are malicious opportunists. They exploited a very tragic situation to use as a way to attack us---their competition. I was not just another domme victim I'm also a first hand witness to everything from the SW rapist stalkers Torres & Callahan to Giunta & her friends wrongly blaming and attacking

Posted on 06/02/2022

Cont'd my friends & I. As if things weren't stressful & scary enough with what we were all going through with Torres & Callahan! I retired my business and moved due to the terror & PTSD of those guys. These girls should be locked up for what they did to all of us! They not just slandered us but also aggressively harassed all of our families, our businesses & clients & a lot more. Around that time too the brakes on my car were cut and I almost got into a fatal accident. The cops never found out who did it but I suspect Giunta or Stephanie aman. And now thanks to these girls Mr Ambler's ex employee who has been harassing him is coming after me yet again! And I don't even know him! I am so, sooooo sick and tired of seeing my friends & I being lied about, slandered and attacked by these jealous insane "providers" .Please read Mr. Ambler's blog. His version is truly the best way to explain what went down and as a fellow victim in it all I can fully confirm it's legit.

Posted on 06/10/2022

Ugh, she looks evil. Just for someone to publicly expose a client (or somebody else’s) client like this, is unacceptable. Clients do not only pay for the service, but they also pay for the privacy, as well.

Posted on 07/08/2022

Mindy, thank you again for speaking out.

Jaspar, both her and Giunta and a few others took part in all of that. And sicking serial stalker rapists on other sex workers and more. And they went and tried to blame the awful harassment these men did on Mindy, Meg, Bianca and their friends! Just to trash their reputations and businesses! And "doxxing" other sex workers but also with the wrong identities?!. One of these ladies friends (inara) lost custody of her child over all of this! These women are pure evil.

I am incredibly incensed over what they did to me no doubt but it pales in comparison to what they have done to others.