PostAlmostAnything.com Abuse Policy

PostAlmostAnything.com takes abuse of its services seriously and wants your help in keeping its services free from spam, scams, and sexual exploitation of minors. To do this we have established the Abuse Level Classification System (ALCS) with examples of abuse and policies for addressing them.

Abuse Level Classification System (ALCS)

  1. Low – Low priority incidents for which No Limit List does not normally delegate human resources to addressing outside of the Post Almost Anything Reputation Improvement Services(PAARIS). Such incidents include allegations of copyright infringement, libel, harassment, or anything else for which no obvious TOU violation appears to exist. These are typically "he said she said" disputes for which it is impossible for a third party to make an educated decision about the facts of the matter without actually knowing the people involved.
  2. Guarded – Low priority incidents that normally would be classified as Low, but for which at least one party has taken additional action indicating a greater commitment to change. Such incidents may include the receipt of threats or other hostile communication implying the possible use of unauthorized methods in efforts to compel the removal of information. In such cases No Limit List may look into the matter to determine the validity of any perceived threats received.
  3. Elevated – Incidents that present a significant risk to the quality of the service for which action will be taken time permitting. Such incidents include the posting or re-posting of irrelevant material such as mis-categorized posts, comment spam, or spam irrelevant to any category.
  4. High – High risk incidents that present a risk to the safety of the service or individual users for which action will be taken as soon as it is convenient to do so. Such incidents include the posting of threats, content intended and likely to incite violence, illegal items, or illegal services.
  5. Severe – Severe incidents that will be dealt with as soon as possible if not immediately. Such incidents include content posted for the purpose of sexually exploiting a minor child, adult content posted outside of the adult section (coming soon), and highly sensitive private data such as social security numbers, ATM pin codes, images of someone’s hand written signature, or passwords.

If you are looking to report abuse that you believe to be classified by ALCS as Low due to content or Guarded due to circumstances please contact the user responsible for posting the material in question by clicking on the author link (The user name under a post title or cited as an author of a comment) and don’t complain to us unless you are a member of or want to use the Reputation Improvement Services. The only exception to this is if you possess verifiable evidence capable of proving content to be false beyond a reasonable doubt and that evidence can be submitted via email or standard mail without being tampered with it any way that could indicate that it may have been compromised.

  1. Contact the author responsible for the content by clicking on the user name link under the title of an individual post or in the case of comments the user name of the user who posted the comment. Once viewing the user profile (ex: PostAlmostAnything.com) click on the link that says “Message” followed by the user name to view the private message submission form if you are logged in and if you are not login or sign up for a membership. Once you gain access to the form send the user a message.
  2. If the author does not respond to your message or responds in a manner that you don’t like try again.
  3. If repeated attempts to contact the author don’t succeed in Elevated, High, or Severe cases contact us and tell us what is wrong. If we agree with you we will make changes. If the abuse is of an Elevated nature we will change or delete it and warn or kick the author depending on abuse quantity. If the abuse is High we will remove the content in question and warn or kick the author. If the abuse is Severe we will remove the content, kick the author, and release all of their information.

Reputation Improvement Services

We also offer reputation management solutions for limiting overall web exposure of content not found to be in violation of the TOU. Click here to learn more about PAARIS.