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OMG! Can't say I'm totally shocked because I have heard bits and pieces about his "swinger" lifestyle, or should I be more direct and say "his scumbag way of life". I am a close friend of this guy's EX wife. I had heard that Darren started living like a "pig in heat" since the 2015 Divorce. I don't know who Darren thinks he's fooling but his EX knows all about his so called 'secret life'. She would never confront him unless it affected the children. Now that they are older they would certainly speak up if anything alarming had taken place. People are not dumb and it was easy to figure out what was going on. I guess the big question no one understands is why? Darren isn't the best looking guy around but that is no reason to sleep with a bunch of low down sluts. Disgusting. A father of 2 great kids recklessly screwing a bunch of low down degenerates. All I have to say is those angels better never get hurt by anything their reckless daddy may selfishly do or say.