Darren Ambler--Toxic--Sex &Drugs--Demented--NJ.
Darren Ambler--Toxic--Sex &Drugs--Demented--NJ.

Darren Ambler/ Sex Addict/Drugs/Prostitution/Herpes/Pornography/Liar/

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Cherry Hill
South Jersey, New Jersey, United States



DARREN AMBLER is a Sexual Predator, Abusive to females, a Lying Scum with Herpes and Brain Damage from Drug Over-use and abuse. DARREN LIVES on 12 WESTBURY DRIVE--CHERRY HILL--NJ/ Southern New Jersey. He is a Pharmacist employed by CONTINUUM-RX (headquartered in Alabama) which gives him access to various Drugs. This Unbalanced Sex Pervert made a career of Screwing anything that moves. DARREN AMBLER screwed Prostitutes (male and female)- females of all ages, married women, divorced women, Teens and who ever else this Pig forced into his diseased bed. Probably had Sex with a hundred or more women just to satisfy his addiction and Sick Perversions. He loves Threesomes, Bondage, Sadistic Sex and all Pornography.

Darren brings havoc to any person who has the misfortune of coming into contact with this TOXIC--EVIL-- SEX POSSESSED POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING. He is the biggest Scuz-ball that ever existed. He isn't even half a man. He is a scared wimp in search of victims to satisfy his lust-perverted mins and out of control ADDICTIONS. DARREN AMBLER is bad human being inside and out. He is despised by so many. This guy is "out there". Totally disconnected from REALITY. Totally anti social, boring and all he can talk about is DRUGS and SEX ORGIES. He pursues vulnerable females because they are easy targets for this immoral-classless POS/POG.

This Idiot knows he stands no chance connecting with someone normal that has goals in life. Because Darren is ABNORMAL and his only goal is SCREWING AND GETTING STONED. Big time SOCIOPATHIC LIAR. CLUELESS ABOUT LIFE AND EVERYTHING ELSE. THE DRUGS KILLED 90% of his brain cells. Every thing he says is way out and convoluted.

DARREN AMBLER is a sick, Immoral, Low Life with a Vulgar mouth, filthy mind and Ugly face and Gross Body. His Bedroom skill is ZERO. He has no Conscience-Manners or Class. He engaged in ILLEGAL Prostitution and Multiple Sex Relationships. Darren abuses women physically and mentally. He is a Coward that uses everyone and he has publicly disgraced himself. Darren Ambler has endlessly bashed former partners on line numerous times. He has a bad Drug Addiction and forces his slimy drugs on helpless women and sometimes men prior to SEX. His DRUGS of choice are COCAINE- HEROIN- SPEED-GRASS AND NUMEROUS PILLS. Darren Ambler is called SATAN by some. He is Selfish, Cocky, Ugly, Zero Personality and has STINKY BREATH.

Darren has also spread STD'S to numerous women and previous clients. Spreading STD'S AND PROSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL. This guy is mentally unbalanced and has BRAIN INJURY FROM DRUGS. Authorities were ALERTED about this Dope addict/ Sex addict a while back.

This guy is sick-deranged and needs an body disinfectant to kill his STD HERPES. He must grow up and face reality. The Dope ruined his deranged brain. Druggies shouldn't have Pharmacy Licenses. Darren Ambler must face that he is UGLY- DERANGED- OCD- HAS NO CLASS-NO MORALS and he needs to disappear forever. He adds to an already TOXIC SOCIETY. He is a Hooker full of disease and demons. He belongs in JAIL. He is too far gone for drug and sex treatment. Darren should realize he is an UGLY WASTE. He lives in Fantasy not reality.

Darren is indecent and has no self worth and is desperate. His whole life is sex, lies, porno, drugs, and getting a Sexual thrill. No wonder his former wife took off. He is an incompetent animal and daddy. He doesn't deserve children. How can a male hooker raise kids? Drugged out and Diseased Darren Ambler has fathered illegitimate children during his Sex sprees. Also- Darren Ambler was father to at least two aborted baby's.

Darren is a Vile and Rotten piece of Dirt. At one time he attended MEET UPS because he was seeking screw partners. He used mistress services too. Darren Ambler abused and raped Megan Bentzley. He enjoyed dirty sex with Mr &Mrs George Parsons. Mindy Murray was Stalked and Sexually violated by Ugly Darren. Sex was so bad with Darren that a former lover turned Lesbian.

DARREN AMBLER is a Lying-Dishonest- Nasty--Sneak.---All Sexually Obsessed people like Darren love Prostitutes- Risky and Filthy sex and one night stands. They abuse their regular partners. Beatings- Forced drug use--violating the female body is DARREN'S GAME. Darrren in his demented mind "IS NEVER WRONG'. DARREN NEEDS JAIL , HEAVY MEDICATION AND BRAIN SURGERY. ALSO HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO DRIVE OUT THE SEX DEMONS. HIS SEX ADDICTION IS DANGEROUS.

Darren exposed himself. He is a dumb desperate IDIOT. THE WORLD KNOWS HE IS A FOOL!! After Brain surgery they need to move lower and repair his non existent Laughable "Ding Dong" Ha ha it is laughable. No wonder he has low self esteem. He should write a book " IN SEARCH OF MY DING DONG". Darren Ambler is a Toxic--Evil--Selfish--Demented--Liar. He is Evil inside and out. This Freak treats others like the Garbage that he is and always was. Good decent people are not obsessed with Sex--Porno--Drugs--Prostitutes--graphic sex--bondage and other sick obsessions. Darren Ambler is Selfish--immature--Ugly--Mentally ill--bad parent--has zero scruples--class and etiquette. A big Zero that floats through life "high as a kite' waiting for his next sexual fantasy. His face and body are gross and he has ZERO personality and no Conscience--No wonder his former wife left (smart girl). His ex couldn't stand Darren either, no one can. Darren made his immoral--lonely abnormal life an open book with his careless behavior and exploiting Sex. Sick vile creature is what Darren Ambler is. Evil--Selfish and stinky. He has committed Illegal acts that he never paid for.

PROSTITUTION IS Illegal, Spreading Herpes is a Crime, His Drug behavior is Criminal. Darren needs to make restitution. First, Darren Ambler needs confinement to a Mental Hospital followed by Jail time like the rest of the hookers. He needs strong Lye and Clorox baths daily to disinfect his STD'S from his system. Darren is consumed with sex, hate, revenge, porno, Ocd disorder, ugliness and selfishness. Never told the truth a day in his evil life. He is a bad parent and bad person with no conscience or feelings that has screwed every hooker dumb enough to screw this ugly liar.

Just Google or Yahoo "Darren Ambler' if you want the truth about a sick sex addict, hooker, drug pusher. I don't think he realizes how ugly and undesirable he really is? Darren is a fool and the world knows it. Completely Nuts and deranged. Very TOXIC including his Breath. People like Darren Ambler Infect and corrupt society. He is a person you want to keep your kids away from.


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OMG! Can't say I'm totally shocked because I have heard bits and pieces about his "swinger" lifestyle, or should I be more direct and say "his scumbag way of life". I am a close friend of this guy's EX wife. I had heard that Darren started living like a "pig in heat" since the 2015 Divorce. I don't know who Darren thinks he's fooling but his EX knows all about his so called 'secret life'. She would never confront him unless it affected the children. Now that they are older they would certainly speak up if anything alarming had taken place. People are not dumb and it was easy to figure out what was going on. I guess the big question no one understands is why? Darren isn't the best looking guy around but that is no reason to sleep with a bunch of low down sluts. Disgusting. A father of 2 great kids recklessly screwing a bunch of low down degenerates. All I have to say is those angels better never get hurt by anything their reckless daddy may selfishly do or say.