Dallas Liddell Found Guilty of False Police Report

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Dallas Liddell was found guilty of filing a false report with the Portland Police after assaulting a customer at the Dancin Bare club in 2010. Evidence against him included accounts by police officers documenting his self described attempts to improperly tell a customer how to use his own cell phone. This intrusion upon customer property was followed by a false accusation that a customer had been drinking beer out of other customer's pitchers when in fact that customer had ordered a Diet Coke before accepting a beer from his friends at which point it became his beer.

Liddell attempted to steal that customer's beer despite being told to keep his distance and mind his own business. As part of his incompetence he knocked the customer's beer glass into a TV before blaming the customer for breaking the plastic plasma TV cover. The customer in question was attempting to leave the premises when Liddell approached him and was warned to stay away. Liddell then attempted to give him an order to take his hand out of his pocket to which the customer advised him to stay away. Liddell then attacked the customer and stole his picket knife as he attempted to deploy it in self defense. Liddell then relied on the help of Jason Marshall to carry out an attempted murder attempt by placing the customer in a choke hold.

Once police arrived Liddell and Marshall were kept at a safe distance from the customer. That customer has since taken action against Liddell and Marshall for assault on his person, theft of property, and filing a false police report. Dallas Liddell is known to work as a bouncer/security guard in the Portland area despite his poor customer service record.

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