SAS online training and clinical trails data management

Pay: $5.00US Dollars Per Hour
Hours Per Week: 12
Job Type: Full Time
Experience Required: 5 Hours
Education Required: Master's Degree
Career Level: Entry Level
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Central NJ, New Jersey, United States

BODHI GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is a highly competitive company – with innovation in global services solutions for businesses and organizations in the pharmaceutical and data management field. The consulting services, which the company offers, include, but not limited to the following:Data Management & Biostatical services consulting, Recruiting and Training.

BODHI provides superior program management, flexible solutions, proactive risk management, and productive partnering models. The company does this by utilizing performance determinant metrics not only to drive results, but also to design and execute our projects based on clients/customer goals. When it comes to Biostatistical services, the company is helping pharmaceutical companies worldwide with statistical analyses of manufacturing and clinical trial projects data.

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