Wibya Toolbar Warning - Don't Use PunchTab

Posted on 05/30/2012

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This is a warning for all webmasters thinking of using the Wibya toolbar and PunchTab incentive program not to use both of them together. Using both of them together is known to break the Wibiya toolbar when users that started using Wibiya before PunchTab support was added simply do as little as add PunchTab to their toolbar in the Wibya menu. In two such cases No Limit List prototypes failed to render the Wibiya toolbar all together, one of them got the bar back up by creating a duplicate account, and the other is still hoping to see its toolbar again after removing PunchTab.

For those of you who don't know the Wibiya toolbar is visible at the bottom of this screen. It allows you to like No Limit List on Facebook, Tweet a link to it, Google +1 it, or recommend it in a number of ways. As a free toolbar Wibiya is ideal for webmasters who have better things to do than figure out the ins and outs of JavaScript, but that convenience becomes worthless if the bar fails to render, renders poorly in some browsers, or stop working all together. In the case of CyberbullyingReport.com it only shows up in Google Chrome or possibly Apple Safari with the translator messed up, in Firefox it does not show up at all, and back to Chrome it lost most of its Twitter follower count indicating another bug all together.

In the future I recommend that Wibiya users avoid PunchTab at all costs and avoid uninstalling it at all cost if it currently works. Even then I wish users the best of luck because Prototype A also known as STDCarriers.com is currently experiencing a problem in which its Google translator is too long and its Facebook like button looks to be invisible. In addition some niche search engines in the network have had problems with the Wibiya toolbar exhibiting weird formatting bugs that render some elements in places far from where they should be.

The primary purpose of a toolbar like Wibiya is to increase your Twitter follower, Tweet, and Facebook Like counts. All of those purposes are defeated by adding PunchTab unless your are luckier than us and don't see your toolbar break.

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