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What do you think of STDCarriers.com? Speak you mind at the STD Carriers topic tag archive at http://nolimitlist.com/topic/std-carriers where all opinions are welcome. This thread is being posted to help STD Carriers users realize after some have been confused by the closure of the original forum and think that there is no STD Carriers forum anymore. STD Carriers was the first No Limit List prototype and for the purpose of creating a better user experience the forum has been moved here.

Unlike the original forum this topic in the Rants and Raves section of No Limit List supports ratings, has a private messaging system for registered members, RSS feeds for individual users, and email notification when comments are posted.

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I've been trying endlessly to retrieve my password for my account on STDC with no results. I've used both the contact form on the website and the stdc contact email. The only response I've received said that I was getting the I w error upon password request because my username was entered incorrectly. I went back and retried with the proper username and got the same error. Going on 5 months now. Is anyone else having this issue? To admin can you work with me to possibly resolve the issue or atleast explain why I'm having this problem? Dee.g031@GMx.com please respond.

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The best way to avoid getting an error message stating that the username is incorrect is to enter the correct username.