Darren Ambler- Mental Case- Prostitute:
Darren Ambler- Mental Case- Prostitute:

Darren Ambler- Herpes- Addictions- Illegitimate Children-Sociopath-

Posted on 01/31/2024

Broader Topic: Prostitution-Drugs-STD's
Sentiment: Negative
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Rant & Rave - Relationships - Ex-Boyfriends
Cherry Hill NJ/ Wallington NJ
South Jersey, New Jersey, United States

Darren Ambler who lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill Township NJ (also Wallington NJ)-- is an unstable, drug addicted Male Prostitute who is a cruel, calculating manipulative lying drug and sexual addict. Darren is not a nice person at all. Darren stinks and has “No Class” at all. He lives in a fantasy land in which he created himself. He is infected with Herpes- Chlamydia and has refused to get treated or tested out of sheer denial.

Darren Ambler has infected over 70 females with STD’s. Darren is a real idiot, moron with nothing going for him. Darren Ambler fathered at least 5 ILLEGITIMATE children during his drug and sex binges. He has refused to support his offspring financially. Because Darren is a selfish – arrogant- creep of all creeps. Darren is homely, a dork, with no personality and he stinks to high heaven. Refusal to get anti biotic treatment for infection has caused his sexual diseases to eat away at his internal organs causing horrible pungent odors to seep out of his pores, mouth, skin, eyes etc. He really stinks like sewage.

Darren Ambler is abusive to women and has a filthy vocabulary. He is a porno addict also. Darren is dishonest and a compulsive liar. He stole drugs and gave it out to many of his paid dome’s and street hookers. Dorko is a pharmacist which gives him easy access to drugs.

Darren Ambler has to pay for SEX or he would never get any. Just look at his face and scrawny body. Gross baby!! He has paid Dome’s over 85K for sex services since 2018. Darren enjoys hard core street prostitutes and drug addicts like himself. Just ask- Stephie, Jennifer, Mindy, Megan Benzley, Katie, Alina, Jolene Johnson, Angie Parsons just to name a few. This dirt ball has had sex with over 200 females since 2017. I guess when you are desperate and alone you will pay any amount for companionship.

Darren admits to having two legitimate Children in New Jersey I think. He fails to mention or admit to his 5 other children in Pennsylvania and the New York area. Darren is a diagnosed “Dangerous Sociopath with split personality disorder. He is a con-man and an evil POS. No class, breeding or manners. Darren doesn’t know the meaning of class. He is a hopeless loser- big zero.

Darren Ambler is also extremely immature. Acts like a 14 year old girl. He will bad mouth anyone that tells the “TRUTH” about his prostitute, drug addict. Lying LIFESTYLE.

Darren Ambler is also a CYBER STALKER (cyberbullying report.com) On line proof exists. The loser almost went to jail for cyber bullying a former acquaintance. This creep is so dumb he stalked someone on line with his computer information fully traceable. Only a brain dead moron would do that. BEWARE- don’t become Darren’s next abused VICTIM. He is a Misfit and don’t get too close to his breath it may ignite any minute. He is a selfish sex fene. He won’t support his illegitimate children.

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