Damage Control from Curtis Salgado?
Damage Control from Curtis Salgado?

Portland, Oregon Based Blues Singer Curtis Salgado Censors Critics?

Posted on 08/27/2023

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Notorious Portland, Oregon based blues singer Curtis Salgado appears to be censoring critics online. This author learned of this recently after receiving a warning from Reddit not to share personal information after they blamed me for an auto-shared link to a short profile of Salgado which was created as part of a research project on celebrities with specific medical conditions many years ago. The profile cited an old article from The Oregonian which talked about Salgado using his fame to help other people with the same condition (https://blog.oregonlive.com/breakingnews/2007/04/salgado_concert_today_highligh.html). Perhaps other aspects of the site in question make burying its content important to Salgado or maybe he simply hired a reputation management company to suppress anything he finds undesirable for any reasons and they thought it worth their time. It may have even been an offended fan for all this author knows. Either way a associate/fan of Salgado crossed a line by censoring articles based on his high profile public activities or perhaps somebody just wanted to bait this author into publicly attacking a celebrity by filing complaints about a URL mentioning a celebrity. Reddit actually removing the link and issuing a warning is most disturbing because it means posting links to information available from the mainstream media can get you in trouble now.

The article the removed link to missed a major relevant factor of Salgado's history. According to Willamette Week he is a convicted sex offender (https://www.wweek.com/portland/blog-31253-oregon-lawmakers-honor-musician-and-sex-offender-curtis-salgado.html). WW didn't go into any meaningful details about Salgado's crime other than describing the laws he violated as those which punish "adults who have sex with minors." His conviction was in 1996.

The video below features Salgado talking about his experience living with Hepatitis C. He is raising awareness for the Caring Ambassadors Program which helps people with Hepatitis C (https://caringambassadors.org/).


Curtis Salgado has no business burying negative articles about himself. He gave that up as a legitimate activity in 1996 when he became a convicted sex offender. On top of that he is a public figure. Public figures have no business going after content from small websites based on their own public statements. However, this could be a false flag operation.

Salgado Talks About Living with Hepatitis C

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Posted on 08/27/2023

I'm giving my own article 5 stars because like Salgado I want to look better than I really am.