Animal Exhibit Design Services
Animal Exhibit Design Services

Zoo Design and Management Consulting Services

Posted on 08/24/2023

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Service Hours: Monday to Friday: 08.30am – 18.30pm
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Location: Bangkok, Thailand, East Asia

HKS Designer and consultant international one of the best Zoo Consultancy service provider wholeheartedly supports Zoo Designing and Planning, Zoo Project Management Consultancy, Captivity consultancy, international animal conservation projects and possess the in-depth knowledge of sustaining healthy wild life treasures. We work with zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries to help them realize their potential in the care they provide their animals and experiences their visitors enjoy. We do this through cutting edge evidence based zoo design, establishing a sound financial foundation through management consultancy and by supporting the developing of effective animal welfare and conservation programming. Contact us for more information at info@hksconsultants.com

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