Technical electrician
Technical electrician

Caravans Motorhomes electrician

Posted on 03/19/2023

Price: 100.00 Euros Per Day
Service Hours: 10:00 -17:00
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Izmir, Turkey, Europe

Caravans Motorhomes boat electric electronics systems

Electric Safety and Security systems

Electric fuses , breakers , connectors,cables, wiring systems

Smoke alarm / Carbon monoxide alarm / LPG gas alarm and automatic cutting systems ,CO2 detector

Smoke detector

Propane detector

Clean water system pump and pipes

The gas system LPG pipes dedantor CS sensor

220VAC/12 -24 VDC Converter-Inverter-generator

AC DC - DC DC multi charge systems

Motorhome battery & service batteries

Solar electric off grid systems dual battery chargers, batteries groups, LiFePo4 -AGM-GEL connection etc

The heating systems

The seattle control panels , analog and digital

Refrigerator 12-24 vdc

indoor outdoor electrical installation

Radio system VHF- UHF- HF-CB digital satellite antenna system

Caravans &Motorhomes &boat electric electronics systems

retired technical certified practice electrician ACDC

90 555 5786812

Bornova -İzmir Türkiye

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