Technical electrician
Technical electrician

Motorhomes caravans boat electrician ACDC

Posted on 03/09/2023

Price: $100.00 US Dollars Per Day
Service Hours: 09:00 -17:00
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Services - Automotive - Electric
Izmir, Turkey, Europe

RV motorhomes caravans boat

Retired technical electrician ACDC

Electrical system

PV solar electric

Smart electrical battery system

12 -24-36-48 VAC -VDC

Starter battery DC DC charge

Energy balance of the

living area batteries AGM GEL Lithium types

Charging the batteries system

LPG - carbon monoxide alarms

AC DC charger, converter, inverter electronics

230 VAC connection ,power supply, electrical safety

12 -24 VDC distributor fuses breakers control system

LPG Gas system

External gas connection

Gas pressure regulating system

Duo -mono Control CS

Gas filter

Pipeline installation

Clean Water system

Bornova -İzmir -Türkiye

90 555 5786812

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