Ryu Sara In Her Posh Hamburg Apartment
Ryu Sara In Her Posh Hamburg Apartment

Far Right AfD Extremist Ryu Sara

Posted on 02/17/2023

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Friday February 17, 2023
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St. Pauli
Hamburg, Germany, Europe

Fascists, And Sex Offender are on the Stahlmann - Quarz Tour

They lie about how they are framed as white nationalists, Nazis if they are, nobody photoshopped the pictures of Ryu Sara's male counterpart Raffael Trawöger, Raffael Trawöger was banned from several pubs in St. Pauli Lunacy/Night Light in March 2022 because of sexual harassment.


I want you to know that there is a certain person who has lied about many things that they claim are something they are not. This person is using the false identity of Ryu Sara, she is originally from Munich, and this person is involved in a far-right group and political party AfD, as is her male accomplice Raffael Trawöger whose a racist / fascist and a sex offender.

Raffael Trawöger has disguised himself as a Northeast Antifascist (NEA), he is planning a terrorist attack on the churchgoers of CityChurch Hamburg at Michaelispassage 1, 20459 Hamburg, Germany, Raffael Trawöger has strong connections to Christoph Aljoscha Zloch, known as Chris Ares, he is a German neo-Nazi rapper. The Bavarian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies him as a right-wing extremist.

Raffael Trawöger's neck tattoo shows a seal of Lucifer with Nazi eagle wings

4 months ago at the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim

Vinland Flag is a neo-Nazi flag

The Vinlanders Social Club flag, a racist skinhead gang began to appropriate the flag as a symbol for white supremacists.




The triskele was one of many ancient European symbols appropriated by the Nazis. After World War II, the triskele became a significant hate symbol, largely due to its use by the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), a South African white supremacist group that formed in the 1970s. The AWB used a flag similar to the Nazi flag, but which replaced the swastika with a triskele resembling three interlocking sevens skull.


Nationalism means being proud of your nation and it's called loyal to their country, and ethnocentric.

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