How to Use Your New RSS Feed on Post Almost Anything

Posted on 08/15/2022

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Monday August 15, 2022
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PostAlmostAnything.com now features really simple syndication (RSS) feeds for all category listings and user accounts. This allows for the syndication of our content on other platforms. Post Almost Anything users can now automatically share their posts on social networks if they know what they're doing.

To find your RSS feeds simply visit your profile, right click before selecting view source (in most browsers), look for the URLs in the head section that end with "/feed" and click on them. You should see two feed links in the source code. One for your 10 most recent posts and one for 10 random posts. The most recent posts is great for any user wanting their new items to be auto-shared on social media to keep their followers up to date. The random posts feed is great for users with a lot of old content they want to refresh by sharing it like new again.

We recommend using third party services to connect RSS feeds to your social media accounts. We often use Dlvrit.com but if you want a free alternative you can try Zapier.com or IFTTT.com. Zapier has a free trial that allows up to 1,000 posts for free. IFTTT is always free.

In the future, we will add links to your profile as well as category listing pages directing users to the unique feeds. Until then, just use the source code to find them.

How to Auto-Post to Socials Using Dlvrit.com

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