Lauren Giunta sends me false rape accusations
Lauren Giunta sends me false rape accusations

Darren ambler's stalker : now sending me FALSE RAPE Accusations!

Posted on 01/02/2022

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My insane delusional schizophrenic and pathological LIAR of a stalker Lauren Giunta ( Mistress Lauren or escort Symphony RavenClaw) has been bombarding me nonstop with harassing

Emails from various AOL accounts. Some hilarious and some disturbing. This one in particular "Cassandra Squires MD" was attacking me non stop this past Saturday New Years eve. At least now Lauren is FINALLY owning it and fully admitting it's her behind it all.

No more blame or denial.

Viewer beware: some are graphic and very disturbing.

She is now sending me FALSE rape accusations. I have NEVER drugged and raped Giunta or any girl. EVER. It is she who directed prolific sex worker stalkers to stalk and rape her competition. Particularly girls who had banned her from their dungeons for lying, stealing, thieving and her crazy behavior. I have NEVER raped a girl. I don't have to drug and rape. This delusional psychopath schizoid is way out of line.

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