STD Carriers Forum Closed - How To Delete Your Stuff

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The STD Carriers Free Speech Forum is now completely closed. This means that you can no longer post threads, post replies, edit threads, or deactivate replies. This is contrary to the original announcement that stated users would be able to post new replies, edit threads, and delete replies. The reason for this complete closure is due to time constraints preventing us from re-designing the reply part of the thread details form and the Forum parts of the account manager. Anyone wanting to sound off about are asked to use the Rants and Raves here at No Limit List where you can contribute to the STD Carriers topic name.

If you want to delete a thread or reply that you posted on the old STD Carriers Free Speech Forum contact the administrator using the same email address you used to create your account and request deletion of your forum contributions. Once your email address is verified your work will be removed.