Fraud Department Enables Cyber Criminals

Posted on 01/14/2012

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When I went to may bank complaining about getting ripped off by a website that signed me up for 2 sites i didn't order I thought getting a reversal would be easy. WRONG! I got screwed out of about $250 in back fraudulent billings because they sided with a criminal organization hiding behind a 90 day refund policy and a Wells Fargo policy that required me the victim to prove that i cancelled stuff i never knew i had been billed for let alone signed up for months ago. They said that i had to show proof that i canceled memberships i never singed up for to get money back even though i never signed up for them.

Then they refused to listen when i told them that i was not sure if i unchecked a pre-checked check box that offered a promo for one of the 2 sites i was signed up for against my will when signing up for a different sight altogether. So what if i cant remember if one check box was checked because i know for a fact the sign up form never mentioned the second site i was signed up for against my will at all. that fact should prove to anyone that my credit card was fraudulently charges and i deserve my money back.

Don't bank with Wells Fargo if you value your money because when you get jacked 1-866-867-5568 will help the jackers.

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