People for the Removal of Lamar Seeligson Smith

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Thursday January 12, 2012
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Dallas, Texas, United States

People for the Removal of Lamar Seeligson Smith is a grassroots organization dedicated to the removal of Lamar Smith from the United States Congress. Lamar Smith proved that his presence in the House of Representatives constitutes a clear and present danger to the civil liberties of the people of the United States when he introduced H.R. 3261 commonly known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). SOPA threatens the First Amendment rights of Americans by dictating what they can and cannot access via the internet by making internet service providers ISPs) block websites that big corporations do not like, banning advertising networks from doing business with those sites, and banning financial institutions from doing business with those sites.

H.R. 3261 presents a clear and present danger to the American people for reasons in addition to those stated above as well. Congressman Smith must be removed from office as soon as possible by any means necessary to protect the public from dangers like him and send a message to other lawmakers that introducing bills like SOPA will not be tolerated.

People for the Removal of Lamar Seeligson Smith will be starting its own website shortly to better solicit information and coordinate efforts to remove him from office. In the mean time if you have information on Smith capable of compelling his condemnation of the bill such as evidence of a sexual affair, drug use, or other type of misconduct please post it here or contact us. Otherwise we encourage you to act on your own to compel his condemnation of SOPA or his removal from office as a punitive measure for supporting the bill.