Amber Alert GPS Tracking System for Kids and Grown Ups Too

Posted on 01/07/2012

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Russell Thornton created the Amber Alert GPS Tracking System after his son temporarily disappeared and he wanted to monitor his every move to keep him from disappearing again. Utilizing a global positioning satellite system in conjunction with an interconnected network of computers and mobile telephones Thornton invented a revolutionary child safety product that quickly caught the eye of the news media before earning endorsements from Good Morning America and countless local news stations. What were they raving about? A product that fits in the palm of your hand backed by a service engineered to track your child's every move and capable of impacting everything from business to sports and romance.

Built to keep kids safe the Amber Alert GPS Tracking System starts with a little piece of hardware that can easily be hung around your child's neck, slipped into a backpack, or sewn into a jacket. Then the service takes over with a combination of desktop, laptop, and mobile applications that let you pinpoint the location of your kid on a satellite map simply by sitting down at your computer or making a phone call. In addition to the tracking system the device features a SOS button that you kid can use to call for help. Optional features include a predator alert system that lets you know of your kid is getting too close to a known sex offender and voice monitoring that lets you listen to the world around your kid with a simple phone call.

At just $9.99 a month the voice monitoring feature makes Amber Alert GPS more than just a kid tracker, but a game changer as well. Simply place your Amber Alert GPS in the board room of a competing company, the locker room of a competing team, your wife's purse, or your husbands jacket and you will be just a phone call away from gathering valuable intelligence capable of changing your life forever. At work you could find out what your competitor is up to and use that as your fast track to the promotion you always wanted. In football you could learn the other teams second half strategy and use it to pull off the upset of the year. In romance you could find out once and for all if your significant other is faithful to you. Whether you need help gathering information for professional or personal reasons the Amber Alert GPS Tracking System's voice monitoring service is capable of helping you make the most out of what they don't want you to know.

Overall the Amber Alert GPS Tracking System is a state of the art service capable of keeping children safe and helping adults stay in the know about each other. Whether you seek peace of mind as a parent, a competitive edge, or cold hard facts the Amber Alert GPS Tracking System has what it takes to help you.

Key Features Include:

Global Positioning Satellite

Real Time Mapping

SOS Button

Mobile Application

Predator Alerts

Voice Monitoring

Amber Alert GPS Owner Russ Thornton

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