Albany Officer Richard Gorleski WANTED for Assault

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Albany Police Officer Richard Gorleski is wanted for assault after several men came forward claiming Gorleski brutally abused them on horseback in ways they will never forget. The graphic details were made public when his wanted poster hit the web with testimonials from the victims themselves thanks to Albany man Bradley Russell who wasn’t afraid to hold Gorleski accountable for what he did to him with that horse.

According to Russell he was but a peaceful protestor until one day his sense of innocence was shattered by the sight of Gorleski riding towards him with his horse and pepper spraying him in the face. Russell was so traumatized by the event that he posted a wanted poster on Facebook desperate to see his attacker face justice. The poster asked users with knowledge of Gorleski’s whereabouts to submit his address, phone number, email, and pictures of his hideout.

If located Russell voiced his desire to take the fight to the enemy where he lives by ambushing his home with a circle of vigilantes committed to senselessly beating drums until Gorleski learns that he messed with the wrong guy. That might not sound like justice to you, but as someone who grew up in an area infested with drum circles let me tell you that having a drum circle in your area is the closest I have been to having the police outside of my house blasting it with bad music during a standoff.

Anyone with information on Gorleski’s whereabouts should contact Bradley Russell at wherever he is so he can start the music.

Richard Gorleski WANTED for Brutal Assault!