Response to my Schizophrenic stalker - Darren Ambler

Posted on 12/22/2021

Sentiment: Negative
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Rant & Rave - General - People

Mistress Lauren Giunta / Escort Symphony Ravenclaw: did the voices in your head tell you all of these fantasies you composed? Just because YOU post slanderous lies and false fantasies about me Darren Ambler and of course all those various other people DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. IT DOES NOT MAKE IT REAL OR VALID.

Tell yourself and all of the voices in your head that. You are a clinically diagnosed severely delusional paranoid schizophrenic. And borderline personality disorder as well. You are a multiple diagnosed severely mentally ill prostitute who stalks and harasses innocent people relentlessly. A person does not have to be a shrink to see that you are very obviously clinically insane by reading the garbage you create and say about me and other people.

Looks like you keep trying to get me kicked off of sites and/or suspended because the truth exposing you is scaring you. It's amazing how many people you have pissed off with your psychosis, your jealousy and drama and your lies.You have pissed off so many people it's mind boggling. Take your court ordered medication and obey your psychiatrists before you piss someone off so bad that you end up getting badly hurt. Once again I will remind you: YOUR JOBS ARE ILLEGAL.

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