Psycho liar Philly dominatrix Lauren
Psycho liar Philly dominatrix Lauren

Philly Dom Lauren helped sex worker stalker and more

Posted on 12/11/2021

Age: 45 Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: None of Your Business
Ethnicity: Native American
Education: Other
Career Level: Other
Religion: Sikhism
Political Views: Other
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Gravely disturbed Philadelphia Dominatrix Lauren (AKA the BBW escort "analingus expert," Symphony Ravenclaw) has been harassing and stalking me for years. She even had a prolific stalker serial rapist target many girls. https://heavy.com/news/2020/02/jose-torres-joey-the-player/

She's so sick. I'm glad to see Lauren Giunta is finally served her just desserts. She won't leave me alone as you can clearly see online!!

Even with a restraining order, this bitch just won't stop. You can read more about what she's done to me here:


You can see in those comments that even the owner of this website has had to kick her off his other site for putting up pix of my kids!

I think it's best to say AVOID this crazy bitch all cost.

And If you're crazy and are considering seeing her (as "mistress Lauren" or "analingus expert Symphony") just expect a girl much heavier and even more unattractive in person.

And to you Lauren: STOP with the bullshit. And STOP trying to blame your psychotic actions and what you've done to me on girls I don't even know.

Get help, Lauren. Before you end up institutionalized. Or in prison where you belong.

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Posted on 12/12/2021

To anyone concerned: this crazy girl has other "jobs" since she's a failure as a "sex worker". (Oh and aside from being a deisgraced and failed "Dominatrix" you can find her escort ads on BedPage.com as "Symphony Raven the " Gothic BBW escort-Analingus Expert" specializing in giving rim jobs- her favorite all time fetish- (tbh her rimjobs are fantastic but I digress)

Since she can't support herself fully in sex work due to her looks and obesity she also drives for Lyft and Uber and also InstaCart.

Would you want this crazy lunatic of a girl coming to your home?! Absolutely not.

Look at what she's done to me for gods sake!

She's even messed with my children! This psychopath should not be going to anyone's home or business.

Contact Lyft, Uber and Instacart and tell them to fire this dangerous psycho.

She's changed her phone number again but give these companies this info:.

Lauren Giunta lives at 42 West hortter st Philadelphia