Basic Five Star Rating System Now Online

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Sunday November 13, 2011
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Community - News - Business
Portland, Oregon, United States

The basic five star rating system for No Limit List is now online and active on the comment boards. This means that you can now rate any post simply by logging into your account, locating the comment submission form beneath any post, and giving it one to five stars. All ratings require a comment as well so that you can explain why you chose that rating and you can only rate a post once.

Over the next two days we will be adding the rating systems to search grids and post pages. The search grids will display average ratings and allow them to be used as a sort parameter. The post pages will show the average rating for the post in question as well as how many users have rated the item underneath the title.

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The system is really buggy right now. It has the .Net AJAX Rating Control issues that was just the topic of a rant, but the SQL statements are broken as well. It appears that whenever multiple ratings and comments exist the count values in the search grids are wrong for both. This appears to be caused by the way two COUNT() functions are being used and a work around will be found shortly, but the good news is that the average ratings are still accurate.

Nevermind, the ratings are not accurate on the grids. Will be fixed ASAP.

Rating were accurate, it was an input validation error that allowed zeros to be entered if none was selected or previously entered by the user. It is now fixed.