Little Girl's Vacation Ends Badly in Modern Warfare 3

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Big Ben
London, United Kingdom, Europe

The poor little Davis girl was having a blast vacationing in London until a truck belonging to Charity Worldwide interrupted her dance with the pigeons and blew her to hell along with her mother, father, and most of London in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The game warns people at the start that they might encounter disturbing content before offering them a chance to opt out of seeing it as they play the one player campaign and this is why.

Hats off to Activision for having the balls to show real human casualties in their games. It is nowhere near as fun as playing the civilian massacre at the airport in MW2, but they still have the right idea. Hopefully they will make a game where shooting civilians doesn't make you fail a mission someday.

Call of Duty MW3: The Davis Family Vacation

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I really shouldn't have used the term "real human casualties" since she isn't real, but you get the idea. At they are breaking the mold and giving people memorable surprises.