Gatorade Powder Mix in Many Flavors and Quantities

Posted on 10/23/2011

Starting Price $0.95 US Dollars Per Unit
No Tax - Plus Shipping
Condition: New
Available: Online
Quantity: 1
Shippable? True
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Round Rock
Austin, Texas, United States

Gatorade powdered drink mix is available in lemon lime, orange, Glacier Freeze, fruit punch, Riptide Rush, and other great flavors to help your body replenish its precious fluids after vigorous exercise. Engineered for high performance athletes Gatorade powdered drink mix is just the right amount of water away from quenching your thirst while you sit around the house, watch football, and wait for the strike to end just like your favorite NBA stars.

A wide variety of quantity is available from single 1 quart packages starting at $.95 all the way up to larger packages at higher prices for serious drinkers.

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Posted on 10/24/2011

Don't mock the strikers! Remember they are 99 percenters just like the rest of us.

Posted on 10/24/2011

Cry me a river for those poor unfortunate millionaires. When going on strike is like taking a vacation without pay then you ain't 99%, your 1% and a bitch.

Posted on 10/24/2011

They were 1 percenters, but that all changed when they lost their jobs.

Posted on 10/24/2011

You know what you're right! They are 99 percenters and to show my support I am going to start a protest movement called Occupy Arenas until the strike ends. Protesters who listen to me will target basketball arenas all around the country and occupy seats until they see players on the court.