Lots of People Hate Parking Enforcement Meter Maids

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

In cities where public programs depend on parking tickets people like these parking enforcement officers with the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) get a lot of shit from the public. Whether you underestimate the length of your stay, think the meter is out of order, or just don't know how to park a car you will probably want to shoot the bastard or bitch that tickets you no matter what. With that said I got a problem with you'all who don't blame yourselves for your tickets.

In cities like Philadelphia you know that the PPA is always out in force hoping you screwed up just enough to owe them money and still you freak out when getting a ticket. Why don't you just grow a brain, park where you can legally park, stay within the lines, and pay meters for at least time and half how low you think you'll be there? Its common sense that will never give those people satisfaction, especially if there TV cameras because you'll just end up looking like more of an ass the more you object .

The PPA as seen in this video consists of special people who thrive on turmoil for their own personal entertainment. They like getting crap on the job because they gives them a shot to one up you further the you give them crap so that they will another story to share with friends over beer after work. How else can you explain the smiles on the faces of these wise asses?

Congratulations PPA for making your careers fun for yourselves.

PPA Ticketing Random Fools with Anger Issues