Change.org: Discriminatory Censorship of Opposing Views

Posted on 10/15/2011

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Change.org is a fascist website run by liberal hypocrites engaging in false advertising by inviting anyone promoting a cause to start a petition for it. What they don't tell you is that they will censor you if they disagree with your position on issues as minor as ballot measures. I found this out earlier this year when starting a petition against a piece of proposed legislation that Change.org supports.

This past spring I was shocked and appauled when I found out that my own legislature was considering giving state benefits paid for by my tax dollars to people who have no legal right to be in the state to begin with. To voice my opposition to that proposed bill which seeks only to steal my money and give it to people seeking not just jobs, but classroom seats that rightfully belong to my countrymen I started a petition on Change.org so that citizens could tell the legislature not to give in state tuition to illegal aliens.

Once my petition started getting noticed and started getting signatures they removed it. When confronted they falsely accused my petition of being discriminatory, failed to provide any evidence of discrimination upon cross examination, and suspended my account when I created a new petition despite being informed that future deletion of my petition would result in retaliatory action against them. Now that they did not learn how to take a warning here I am exposing their hypocrisy for everyone to see. Granted it is a lesser response than given to them before which would have included distribution my message through much more visible channels, but I have more important things to do than address those insignificant boobs.

In closing I want to warn consumers that Change.org is nothing more than a fascist hypocrisy disguised as ethical activism hiding behind thick blacked rimmed nerd glasses that went out of style in the 1950s worn by liberal idiots. Liberal idiots who are lucky that I have better things to do than raise awareness about their censorship further because I have more important things to do than talk about them elsewhere, so as much as I hate to say it they can feel free to sit at Starbucks drinking their fancy coffee wearing their 50s nerd classes and second hand clothes.

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