k11 electric scooter
k11 electric scooter

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Location: Dongguan, China, East Asia

Model name K11

Color available Black,red blue etc

Wheel size 11 inch

Frame material Aluminum alloy

Max speed 115KM/H

Pure electric mileage 100-115KM

Max loading 200KG

Battery type 45ah lithium battery

Motor power 10000w

Charging time 8-9hours

Water resistant IP54

Brake oil brake

Damping Double damping

Unfolding size 1354*336*1250mm

Folding size 1424*386*480mm

Packing size 1440*39*545mm

* 25KM Long-range & 115 KM/H top speeds

* 11-inch solid tires & Aluminium Frame

* Kinetic Energy Recovery System

* Double Braking System

* Three Briliant Lights System

* Portable Folding Design

* Customized Cruise & Speed Control

How we test electric scooters

There are dozens of varieties of electric scooters on the market, but only a few are worth bringing home to ride.

For entry-level and commuter scooters, we primarily considered things like portability — how easy it is to fold up to bring on the bus or other types of public transportation, or how light it is to cart up a long stretch of stairs — along with range and top speed.

Commuter scooters don't need to be the fastest things around, but it helps if they can manage at least 15 mph for a sustained time so that you're not holding up anyone in the bike lane. We also looked at braking mechanisms, including hydraulic disc brakes, which are the best for stopping quickly and safely at top speeds, and mechanical disc brakes, which are considered the second best for their reliability. Extra features like headlights, reflectors and available speedometer also factored into our commuter picks.

For the performance-based, higher-end rides, we considered range, speed and braking mechanisms, but we also looked at suspension. If you're paying upward of $2,000 for an electric scooter, it should be comfortable to ride and able to scale curbs, hills and bumpy roads. We also verified our picks by cross-referencing reviews between Amazon, manufacturer's sites, and in some cases, Walmart.

For our picks for kids, electric scooters in this category don't offer the same bells and whistles as commuter models. For instance, many of the child and preteen picks don't fold up for portability, so we considered overall weight and size for kids with longer rides to school. We also stuck with scooters that topped out at 15 mph for utmost safety. And like our commuter and high-performance picks, we pored over reviews from parents where accessible.

Lastly, we called in some of the top performers and took them for a ride, noting how they handled both on pothole-filled city streets and hilly, leafy suburbs. We also considered such things as the brightness of their lights, ability to climb hills, controls, portability, and price.

1.Front and rear power dual motors (5000W*2);

2.Front and rear C-Type CNC thickened independent suspension;

3.Front and rear dual oil brakes;

4.Front LED headlights;

5.Strong load-bearing capacity, 200kg;

6.Visual LCD display instrument, able to view data in real time;

7.Ultra-portable folding mode, which can be folded with one touch and one push;

Front double bladder hydraulic shock absorption, rear spring shock absorption; Front and rear disc brake system;

The visual display instrument can intuitively know the situation of the electric scooter;

There are single-drive/double-drive buttons, which can be adjusted at any time; low-speed/high-speed buttons, the speed can be adjusted at any time;



















patinete electrico: definition and mode of operation

Created in 2001 by the American Dean Kamen, and initially presented with the code name "patinete ", the patinete electrico is a personal transport system that, thanks to a revolutionary combination of computer, mechanical and electronic, is able to perform some maneuvers automatically. Equipped with a self-balancing pedal with two parallel wheels, and equipped with handlebars, on it you stand, and you use it performing simple body movements: forward to start, back to brake and to reverse, and right or left to turn.

Also called "beast" by virtue of its shape, which recalls that of the Roman war cocoon, the patinete electrico is very versatile, being able to move on any type of soil, be it grass, asphalt, mud or gravel. But it can also be an original and "unconventional" way to visit places rich in history and culture, and in fact there are different tourist agencies that organize pleasant guided tours within cities such as Rome and Torno, for example. The maximum speed is 110 Km/h, with a 6-hour autonomy. The only "k11" of the patinete electrico, its price, which is around 2500/3000 Euro, a price, this about ten times higher than that of the electric scooter.

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