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Posted on 08/10/2021

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Monday August 09, 2021
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s an avid but cautious investor, I first was introduced to Bitcoin via a very close friend in 2012. I wouldn't describe myself as obedient, but I wouldn't say I am a financial anarchist either. I decided to be pragmatic and watch how things play out. Needless to say, my friend made exponential returns, however, I well and truly missed the boat and yacht!

Now, I know there are so many considerations when investing, especially in assets that are known to be highly speculative (What to buy, when to get in, and when to take profits) So even if I got involved in 2012, I can't say I would have ridden the turbulent waves until May 2021.

A major bug bearer that prevented me from taking action until 2017 was finding a safe platform to buy and hold digital currency. (I initially used Coinbase, however back then AML was arduous and the selection on offer was limited)

In April 2018, I began my Binance journey and can honestly say the platform has gone from strength to strength! I use both the web version and the mobile app and can say the UX is clean and straightforward. I spent an hour or so watching tutorials on YouTube and have been able to diversify my Crypto portfolio across a multifarious range of stable, utility, and hype coins/tokens and projects.

It seems a lot of the negative reviews on here are fake and you should try the platform for yourself.

However, if you are in the UK and bank with a traditional retail bank, Binance has come under some opposition and you may find it difficult to add funds to your account.

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