Darren Ambler-Triple Meltdown-Sociopath-Sex Addict
Darren Ambler-Triple Meltdown-Sociopath-Sex Addict

Darren Ambler-Liar-Blames lovers for his bad decisions/sex addict-NJ

Posted on 07/14/2021

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Cherry Hill
South Jersey, New Jersey, United States

Darren Ambler--Pathological Abusive Liar/Blames others for his Lifestyle-Brain damage/sex-drug addict-BEWARE--Delusional SOUTH NJ./

I can not stand by and listen to any more of Darren Ambler's Lies and Fantasy's. The deranged creature lives in Cherry Hill-New Jersey. I have no doubt the June 30, July 3 posts on this site were made by none other than Darren Ambler. He always was a Pathological liar but these stories and Fabrications of his are really way out there- ABSOLUTE LIES-FAIRY TALES and COMPLETE Distortion of the Facts.

Darren Ambler after 6 years of Prostitutes, Using Domme's, One night stands , using excessive quantities of Narcotics and Booze, his already damaged brain has even gotten worse. This moron lives in Fantasy Land and it's probably too late for mental help and electrical volts to the already damaged brain. Maybe if he got mental help and sex treatment 10 years ago he may have had a chance but it's too late now. That evil-sinister-lying over-sexed brain is shot completely-just hollow mush inside his head.

Darren Ambler has so many untreated disorders like Sexual obsession/addiction, Narcotic abuse, Pornography addiction, Mistress addiction, satanistic sex addiction and an unhealthy obsession with straps and bed posts. Now his reckless and perverted lifestyle has finally totally burned out every brain cell in that hollow head of his. This sick-demented creature is obsessed with SEX-SEX-SEX and more SEX. Darren is infatuated with oral copulation, pornographic-dirty sex- vile filthy language and so much Dope it's wonder he can hold his empty head up.

No wonder this scum-bag degenerate can't hold a job. This liar has the guts to state publicly that he only had Sex relations with one of the many Mistress's he has been with? What a liar! He is delusional. It is a fact that Darren Ambler pursued and forced Megan Watermute into a hardcore pornographic sex relationship. Not only is that common knowledge, but Demented Darren Ambler also admitted this fact Publicly numerous times. He also abused, beat, threatened and publicly humiliated Megan many times. This dude is a deranged-lying mad-man. Now- Darren Ambler has something to worry about.

Mistress's are forbidden to have sex relations with paying clients. Darren Ambler had sex with all the Mistress's. Darren Ambler is now in Violation of Pennsylvania Prostitution-sex trafficking's Laws. He pursed sexual intercourse' and oral sex with every Domme that he was with. Darren is a sex addict with brain damage, of coarse an addict demanded sex. TITLE-18 clearly defines the Crime of Prostitution which Darren Ambler committed numerous times in Pennsylvania. Prior to meeting Laura, Megan and the rest of the crew, Darren was with multiple well-known STREET HOOKERS in the Pennsylvania and surrounding Metro area.

For a while, Darren carried on his life of illicit sex, porno, drug pushing, abusing his sex partners and other closeted sick activities in secret. Then Darren Ambler was exposed which he did not like. The idiot has to understand dirty deeds get exposed eventually. It seems now due to brain cell damage that he doesn't care if the world knows. He has gone on some public web sites recently using his real name and telling his lies and tales about how the ugly loser was wronged. I agree he was wronged-just look at his face and that poor excuse for a body! BARF!

Everyone knows Darren is a psychotic liar who's sex and dope addiction is out of control total meltdown time! He has screwed probably 150 or more females over the past 2 years. Domme's refer to Darren as a "lying pig on wheels"! Sick deranged over sexed ugly creature!

Darren Ambler needs to grow up- stop the lies and fantasy. Darren started this lifestyle (sex trade) on his own. Stop crying like a baby! He had his naughty fun-the world knows about him- that's his own fault. Stop blaming professional ladies for his job losses. Employers don't want sex addicted scum bags with herpes working for their company. It's bad for business--they can damage their company name employing Darren Ambler. Any idiot knows that. Also--if deranged Darren has bad relations with his family or friends-too bad--his own filthy fault... I guess they find his lifestyle offensive. Most people frown on sex addict liars and those that use outside sex services. This lifestyle is normal for Darren but most people think it's sick and only scum of the earth use hookers and Domme services. Thats life.

DARREN AMBLER VIOLATED PA Sex-Prostitution statutes TITLE 18/ The ladies have proof of Darren's sexual patterns, habits and compulsions. Maybe arrest will wise Darren up-maybe not he is too far gone. STOP blaming others for Darren's addictions, mistakes and dirty fetishes. Spending thousands on Mistress and street hookers--proves Darren is a sick hopeless creature. Documentation and recordings of the sex romps exist. Darren better stop this public blaming and abusive lies. Every lady who hears the name Darren Ambler says Gross-Sick-Lying-Pig! This dude is incompetent and has no business raising kids.

More proof Darren Ambler is Pathological liar and Sociopath among other things-Darren Ambler posted this delusional post on 'Rip off Report"--He used to try to hide his identy ut I guess his brain is so shot he doesn't care if the world knows that he is a lying dirt bag--

Read his post below--Darren Ambler claims Miss Guinta was the only mistress the ugly creep was ever with! Darren Ambler..aka Liar says he was never with Megan or Bianca. First, Darren Ambler initiated a sexual relationship with Megan Bentzley aka Watermute. This is against Domme rules but when Darren Ambler follow rules? Then Deranged Darren Ambler bashed Megan publicly all over the Internet admitting he was her ex lover. He is such a lying sex addict--psychopath.

There are also well known Prostitutes in PA that Darren Ambler was with numerous times. I know drugs damage brain cells but no way did this liar forget what he made a career of:

To the mentally challenged psycho path libeling me.....

AUTHOR: Darren - (United States)

SUBMITTED: Monday, July 12, 2021

Once again im stating that I do NOT know any person named bianca or megan.. Nor do I use drugs. Or see escorts. Lauren Giunta is the only Dominatrix I have ever seen and it was only TWICE. I was about to say ONCE AGAIN LAUREN GIVE IT UP .WITH YOUR BS. But now I'm kinda thinking this post might be from that crazy (((REDACTED))) loser i threw a pity bone to back in 2017.... Hmmmmmmm


(another post by Darren Ambler admitting his sexual relationship with Megan--now the liar says he was never involved with her--LIAR LIAR-PANTS ON FIRE). THIS DUDE IS A PROFESSIONAL LIAR/ SPLIT PERSONALITY DISORDER/SEX OBSESSION.


Notice how every single cheater site has 1000 articles on a man named Darren Ambler and is always posted by the same crazy woman, usually pretending to be multiple people having a “meetup”? She’d almost be successful at that if all of her fake accounts didn’t have the exact same crazed typing style. She’s a bitter ex of Darren Ambler and seems to be in a state of psychosis or untreated schizophrenia. Lexx Envy/Megan Christine Benzley/Megan Wintermute is being sued for slander. What “Lexx Envy” is actually notorious for is slandering people in both her personal and professional life with completely false accusations on shady websites all over the internet. Below are men she has slandered with the same accusations and COURT RECORD of her being SUED FOR SLANDER. Below you will see examples of her writing. Search any well respected pro domme in Philadelphia and you will see she wrote very similar things about them as well. She has slandered, harassed, outed personal info and stalked pro dommes in the Philadelphia area under the guise that it’s her stalker out to get her. There is no stalker. There never was. It’s all her. Also Megan Bentzley: Violet St.

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Posted on 12/11/2021

I Received an email today that I, Darren Ambler am once again repeatedly being slandered by this insane Philadelphia hooker and Dominatrix Lauren Giunta. Not here to "give her a taste of her own medicine" I'm here to expose her for all she's done, expose her lies and set the record straight. Lauren Giunta has been harassing and stalking me for years. She's tried to blame her actions on other people (who I don't even know) and she keeps doing so. Once again, I will state that I do not know Bianca, Ang, Megan, Beth and Sarah which Giunta has tried to blame. I do not know, nor have I ever met or been associated with any of those girls in any way whatsoever. Lauren Giunta is the only person I've not only ever done an s&m session with but has also ever met. Despite all of her outrageous lies and stories about me she's created I'm not that familiar with that scene at all. Any post, or comment or anything you may read about me here or anywhere at all is completely false, total libel an


Posted on 12/11/2021

Hi Lauren Giunta! I see it's you! Libeling me once again !https://postalmostanything.com/6142/psycho-philly-dom-lauren-keeps-harassing-me

Posted on 12/11/2021

Hi Lauren Giunta! I see it's you! Libeling me once again !


Posted on 12/11/2021

Hi Lauren Giunta! I see it's you! Libeling me once again !

I'm Darren Ambler.

One of Lauren giuntas many victims.

Here is MY side.....more cong later



Posted on 12/12/2021

To anyone concerned: this crazy girl has other "jobs" since she's a failure as a "sex worker". (Oh and aside from being a disgraced and failed "Dominatrix" you can find her escort ads on BedPage.com as "Symphony Raven the " Gothic BBW escort- Analingus Expert" specializing in giving rim jobs- her favorite all time fetish- (tbh her rimjobs are fantastic but I digress)

Since she can't support herself fully in sex work due to her looks and obesity she also drives for Lyft and Uber and also InstaCart.

Would you want this crazy lunatic of a girl coming to your home?! Absolutely not.

Look at what she's done to me for gods sake!

She's even messed with my children! This psychopath should not be going to anyone's home or business.

Contact Lyft, Uber and Instacart and tell them to fire this dangerous psycho.

She's changed her phone number again but give these companies this info:.

Lauren Giunta lives at 42 West hortter st Philadelphia