Super Magnum Bear Spray and Chest Holster with Video Lesson

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Complete with a chest holster this Super Magnum Bear Spray package is the ideal defense when being mauled with overwhelming force and with rare sightings of bears weighing more than 1500 pounds what works on a big bear is sure to work on the little bears too. Each Super Magnum Bear Spray contains 13.4 ounces of ammunition with a range of up to 35 feet and enough power to work in dense fog.

Each package includes:

13.4 ounces UDAP Pepper Bear Spray.

1 chest holster.

1 UDAP Bear Safety Tips booklet.

Note: The video lesson referenced in the title refers to the video embedded on this page which is not included with the product. Its also not know what specific brand of bear spray he is using, so use this when considering how to use bear spray in general.

How to Use Bear Spray

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