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Posted on 09/15/2011

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Terri Horman took a public reaming from Desire Young, Tony Young, and Kaine Horman on Dateline NBC for being one of the worst step mothers in American history. That is because Kyron Horman disappeared shortly after being seen with Terri Horman, is still missing, and Terri still ain't talking after hiring an expensive lawyer. The Axis of Kyron (Desire, Tony, and Kaine) went into great detail about the events of the day he disappeared, the holes in Terri Horman’s story, and her post disappearance shenanigans.

The timeline is well known by now. Terri drops kid off at his school science fair in the morning, kid does not show up in class, and never comes home in the afternoon. The police got involved shortly afterward combing the area for him recognizing the fierce urgency of the first 24 hours when looking for a missing child.

Terri Horman appeared cooperative at first, but started acting sketchy when she performed poorly on lie detector tests. Then the police found out that her phone pinged a heavily forested area down by the river called Sauvie Island during the time period between the science fair and when Kyron should have come home on the bus and they started asking people if they had seen Terri Horman that day. Then like something out of a horror movie Kaine Horman was informed that Terri may have attempted to have him killed, grabbed his daughter, and got the hell out of there.

Then things went from just plain creepy to just plain sleazy when it was discovered that Terri Horman had tried to have an affair with one of Kaine’s high school buddies while she should have been looking for Kyron. Police seized his phone and found a combination of sexually explicit text messages and pornographic pictures. The latter leaving me wondering whether to despise Michael Cook or feel sorry for him.

Finally the trashing of Terri concludes with a strong message from the Axis of Kyron for her to do the right thing and do whatever it takes to find Kyron. Now over a year later Kyron is still missing and Terri still looks like your worst nightmare of an in-law.

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