Samra Knezevic & Collaborator
Samra Knezevic & Collaborator

Child Molester, Child Molestation

Price: $2,500.00US Dollars Per Month
Service Hours: Full time
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2455 N Dodge Blvd Apt 4203 Tucson AZ 85716
Tucson, Arizona, United States

Samra Knezevic molested our child. She was left in charge of our two children while we were away and when we came home after Samra was already gone, we found evidence that are child had been sexually molested by Samra Knezevic which was evident from bruises on our son's thighs as well as penetration injuries to my son's rear end. Furthermore our son told us that he was restrained with rope so he couldn't move or resist. Samra Knezevic Must Be Stopped before she does this to any other children.

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