Child Abuser
Child Abuser

Abusing Children Child Abuser

Price: $3,000.00US Dollars Per Month
Service Hours: Full time
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Services - Health Care - Mental Health
2455 N Dodge Blvd Apt 4203 Tucson Az. 85716
Tucson, Arizona, United States

My wife and I offered Samra Knezevic a position in our home as a nanny to watch our young son who is only 18 months old while we were away in Europe. We were gone approximately three and a half weeks and when we came home we discovered the most horrific nightmare in that Samra Knezevic had been abusing our child. We discovered cuts and bruises on his body that Samra Knezevic claimed were an accident from him playing in the yard. But I took a precaution before my wife and I left for Europe in that we planted hidden cameras throughout our house. The cameras detailed Samra Knezevic beating our child and throwing him down on the floor. In one instance we saw on camera that she had kicked him in the face while he was down on the ground. She also punished him by not feeding him sometimes for a day at a time. My wife and I are absolutely appalled by this and we have no idea how to stop her from doing this again to someone else’s child except make this report that I’m writing now.

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