Samra Knezevic
Samra Knezevic

Samra Knezevic Committed Child Abuse

Price: $2,000.00US Dollars Per Month
Service Hours: Full time
Post # 3007 posted in:
Services - Health Care - Assisted Living
2455 N. Dodge Blvd Apt 4203
Tucson, Arizona, United States

Samra Knezevic was hired by our church to run our daycare center. 2 weeks after she was hired we had children complaining about how Samra Knezevic was touching them in their private spots. Some of the children had bruises on their body from where the children had said that Samra had hit them with her closed fist. The money that she was receiving that was designated for food to feed the children Samra was pocketing. She turned around and spent only a fraction of that money to actually feed the Children the cheapest food she could buy. These poor children were clearly being abused by Samra Knezevic.

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