Malwarebytes Flags MedExSupply.com with Trojan Warning

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I was surprised to notice an affiliate advertisement on a website of mine not rendering today, so I clicked on it to see if I could find out why. When I did I was redirected from Commission Junction to MedExSupply.com, but was served a trojan warning from Malwarebytes instead of the home page. This was a shock to me because I have used Commission Junction on and off for years without ever getting a virus warning from an advertiser's website.

I hope that everything is ok with MedEx Supply because this could easily be another false positive from Malwarebytes. Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how my own server was the subject of an outdated Malwarebytes trojan warning (https://postalmostanything.com/2997/how-to-remove-your-ip-address-from-malwarebytes-block-list-quickly). In that case the warning was due to something detected at my IP address when it had a different tenant. Whether it was a false positive or not I was not really sure, but I was sure that I was not hosting trojans. Before you freak out and accuse MedEx Supply of doing anything wrong you need to consider the fact that it could easily be a false positive or just an outdated warning associated with their IP address.

I have since pulled MedEx Supply ads from the website because I don't want my users getting trojan warnings.

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