Enabling Has to Stop

Posted on 03/15/2021

Broader Topic: Enabling Has to Stop
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Why should the rest of us be responsible for something that these people done to themselves... Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Mental Health, and Homelessness coincide with each other and there in the position there in because of the choices they have made. They live by a different type of values, there not responsible for any of the things they do, the laws don't apply to them, and they expect for the rest of us to take care of them.

News Flash, we the people are tired of these low life, homeless, transients being in are community and we want our local government and city officials to quit catering to them. Your not helping them, your only enabling them. Tens of thousands of dollars is spent on just cleaning up after them every year, and they are also provided with free needles for the junkies, free methadone for when the junkies are out of dope, free money to gamble with or to by more drugs and all of this is funded by the state which is generated by the taxes that the average person pays.

The way to resolve this issue and take back our community is to get rid of the needle exchange, the methadone clinic, and the programs that fund these individuals.

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