Joe Porter of Lawndale Blvd Chicago IL is a psycho stalker

Age: 40 Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: None of Your Business
Ethnicity: White
Education: None
Career Level: Entry Level
Religion: Other
Political Views: Other
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South Pole, Antarctica, Other

Joseph Porter, aka Joe Porter of the far South Side of Chicago is a delusional, mentally unstable psycho stalker who sends violent threats to people for attention. Someone please alert his family so they can intervene before he hurts someone.

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02/16/2021 0 Like

Beware of this man


02/19/2021 0 Like

btw, we have a lot of evidence. This isn't a joke or attempt to defame or slander Joe. All of this is true and we have extensive documentation. We could clearly illustrate the claims that he is 1) delusional 2) unstable 3)psycho 4)violent in a court of law, if needbe. He has been sending abusive threats for a long time and we've had ENOUGH. We feel so powerless to stop this behavior, making posts like this to warn others is all we can do at this point. Specific information like zipcode, age, pic etc is only added because there are so many Joe Porters in Chicago. We will not be silenced or allow this to be swept under the rug.


03/11/2021 0 Like

We have been informed that Joe Porter also harasses people using the account malachiloverobinson666@gmail.com

If you have ever received inappropriate emails or messages from that inbox please let us know. We can be reached at generalbox2020@mail.com


Message possibly from Porter:

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Emails Possibly from Joe Porter
Emails Possibly from Joe Porter

04/06/2021 0 Like

Thank you for posting this! It's clear this person has anger issues and a distinct, repetitive style of abusive language that they like to use to lash out at people. We now have 4-5 submissions from different people who have shown us similarly toned emails of Joe Porter ranting like this and making threats. He should be exposed for it, and anyone who googles his name SHOULD be able to arrive at this information as a warning for their own safety.