Felon Jennifer Kraus NC5 News Channel 5 Nashville,
Felon Jennifer Kraus NC5 News Channel 5 Nashville,

Convicted of COCAINE POSSESSION Jennifer Kraus Nashville, TN NC5 WTVF

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Thursday February 04, 2021
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Middle Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee, United States

More problems for Local news anchor women Jennifer A. Kraus, AKA Jennifer Thomas. Ms. Kraus apparently has a taste for the nose candy (COCAINE). She has kept a dirty little secret from the public for many years about her drug use. According to the Department of corrections of the state of Florida (cocaine party zone) Jennifer Kraus was arrested and found GUILTY of illegal drug possession. She was sentenced for the crime and released on parole.

Clearly WTVF channel 5 of Nashville, TN (her current employer) did a piss poor job on looking into Ms. Kraus' background prior to hiring her as an "investigative reporter" for the station. This is clearly a scenario of the "POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK". Kraus should of taken the old proverb advice, "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones"

In addition to this latest discovery into Ms. Kraus' unsavory past she is currently being investigated for criminally violating a local contractors privacy rights when she aired his tax returns on one of her broadcast segment without his knowledge or permission. Back in July 2015 an insurance agent filed suit against Kraus and the station, (channel 5 WTVF Nashville) for defamation of character. It appears Mr. Kraus could not control herself and made the public believe falsehoods about this local business person.


First Name: Jennifer Middle Name: Anne Last Name: Kraus Birth Information: Age 53 Birth Date Apr 1, 1967 Known Aliases: J Kraus, Jennifer K Thomas, Jennifer A Kraus

Jobs Company (Industry) Job Title Dates: NewsChannel 5 - WTVF-TV (Broadcast Media) Anchor/Investigative Reporter Sep 17, 2012 - Nov 23, 2019 WTVF (Advertising-Television) N/A Aug 29, 2008 News Channel 5 Network LP (Newspapers, Publishing And Printing) Anchor/investigative Reporter N/A

Criminal Records

Jennifer Kraus Thomas: Match Rating Based On: First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth, Age Offense Date Jul 18, 1989 Source DEPT OF CORRECTIONS (- Florida) Personal Details First Name Jennifer Last Name Kraus Thomas Age 53 Date of Birth Apr 1, 1967 Physical Appearance Ethnicity White Eye Color Green Height 5'4" Jul 18, 1989 - Offense - Offense Date Jul 18, 1989: Offense Code COCAINE-POSSESS Offense Description Cocaine-possess National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Code 3532 (Cocaine-Possession) Case Number 764812 Disposition Sentenced Disposition Date Nov 13, 1989

Channel 5 of Nashville NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE THIS. What kind of message does this send out to the public when WTVF Channel 5 clearly has double standards. How could anyone ever believe anything especially the news from them that the community relies on. People in her position should be held to a higher standard.

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Check out this video. Jennifer Kraus was recently named in a lawsuit for being an unethical dirty reporter.

Dirtbag reporter from Nashville, TN News Channel 5
Dirtbag reporter from Nashville, TN News Channel 5